Come unto me and you will feel perfection
come unto me and dedicate
Come unto me, youll never feel rejection
come unto me and terminate
Remove your heart, its only good for bleeding
Bleeding through your fragile skin
Remove your thought cause its only for decieving
Deceiving thoughts destroy within
disappear like man was never here

Long live machine
the future supreme
Man overthrown
spit out the bone

Plug into me, I guarantee devotion
plug into me and dedicate
Plug into me, ill save you from emotion
plug into me and terminate
Accelerate, utopian solution
finally cure the earth of man
exterminate, speeding up the evolution
Set on course a master plan
reinvent the earth inhabatant

Long live machine
the future supreme
Man overthrown
spit out the bone

The flesh betrays the flesh
your man has had his time
We lay him down to rest
machine, the new divine

Stop breathing
and dedicate to me
stop dreaming
and terminate for me
All meaning
you dedicate to me
all feelings
you terminate for me

dissapear,like man was never here

Long live machine
our future supreme
Your man overthrown
spit out the bone

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Spit Out the Bone song meanings
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    General CommentI think it is really simple. Humans are flawed and too self destructive (ahhhaa), as seen in "the flesh betrays the flesh", and the most ideal solution is either robot supremecy or cyborg supremecy, for they mostly suggest the re-movement or replacement of certain organs and functions that prevent us from propper co-operation and growth, such as the heart and emotions.
    memeson December 06, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song goes quite deep. Obviously, it is machine becoming the new force on the planet, converting humans to machines. This song also has religious references. The term "Eat the meat and spit out the bones" can be used in reference here as well. The term normally refers to the "bones" as something undesirable, like stuff you don't want to hear about, the truth, or in this song's case, Humanity to Machine Overlords. The meat part is the sought after by everyone, so they would easily eat it, be it any topic that is the opposite of the bones.

    Knowing that, it makes the music video make a lot more sense. The imagery is showing humans being turned into machines, to the point where they are the former in the red robes are worshiping the large machine as a god. listening to it's doctrine and blindly following like a hivemind. In turn, they destroy the human race, the bone, and protect machine, the meat.
    Linkueigmanon December 29, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningI think it's a song about pain. To be more precise, about too much pain, and the will of people to evolve beyond the pain, to denounce the human nature fragility and become numb, a robot. It's about letting go of feelings and becoming senseless. When your world is pain, one may find relief in a more mechanical form. Basically just stop living, only survive.
    cristian12on February 15, 2017   Link
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    General CommentI watched the music video and couldn't help but lol. It was like scene straight out of Metalocalypse. Really I don't find a deep meaning here; for me it's just a bad ass song to jam to at work. I'm sure all the guys at the dock were wondering why I was head banging while shooting some primer on a bulkhead but I just couldn't help myself.
    UnknownReloaderon September 07, 2018   Link
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    General CommentWith the song Spit Out The Bone, Metallica provides the perfect soundtrack to a year that may have been far darker than anyone realizes. The best track from the best album of 2016.
    richard022on August 17, 2019   Link
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    General CommentThis is Metallica’s “who made who”
    A song about machines/computers taking over
    ssirrah1on July 09, 2021   Link
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    General CommentThis song as almost all the song in this album is quite cynick and mocking. I think its mostly about what cristian12 wrote about a person how hide from his feelings and mostly of pain by start to think like machine. But in the same time that person is feel hatred toward the human race and wish it to crumble. But the singer is actually despise that person and say spit out the bone, becouse the singer thinks that the person is lost within this kind a thinking and hes chewing on it like a dog in a bone. This song is pretty much goes hand in hand with Misery, Still good song thou from a bunch oldfart.
    smtingon March 01, 2017   Link

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