We're the toughest little ponies in town
Got the moves, got the mojo, no harder working ponies around
We are a trio, work as a team
We'll be the first ponies out on the flag-waving scene

Can't get at them like that, don't call it a payback
Diamond Tiara you can keep talking that smack
But these show ponies, no ponies does it better than these ponies
Trot the trot or you're gonna be branded a phony
The hearts endeavor, anytime wherever
Crusading like they're pushing it past forever
Channeling their purpose from their deepest recess
Bringing it hard, even Rainbow Dash's speechless

We get going when the going gets tough
We know our very best is just never enough
We're kinda short, but so what? We don't get defeated
We could take a little break, but we don't need it
We got hearts

Look, I'm sure you heard that
CMC is back and picking up slack
You're gonna need more than that jaw if you wanna bring an attack
Silver Spoon, you can shut it, stop running that yap
See 'em gallop to glory, see 'em playin' to win
See 'em conquer any challenge that they're in
This is a cutie mark odyssey, real life destinies
Next level ambitions, most certainly

We've got hearts (x6)
When we put our minds together, we can achieve
We're the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and you should believe
We've got determination to represent the nation
For the win (Hearts strong as horses)

And you certainly do have a lot of heart
Some go their whole lives not knowing where to start
We were born into a world where money equals success
But you can't put a price on the love you invest
So just forge your own path, make your own flow
You don't need a cutie mark to show the world what you know
Put your hooves to the ground and gallop with the wind
You can just let go, now let's begin
You got heart
And that's a beautiful thing
You don't need to lift your voice to hear a true heart sing
Some waste all their money trying to make a heart show
But they don't have a single dream that they follow
So just trot your own speed, be your own lead
Your inner true colours are all that you need
Hearts like horses, they can't take that


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