Me loyal subjects" sez she
Here's my best respect, sez she
And I'm proud this day, sez she
Of the elegant way, sez she
That you gave me the hand, sez she
When I come to the land, sez she
There was some people said, sez she
They were greatly in dread, sez she
I'd be murdered or shot, sez she
As like as not, sez she
But it's mighty clear, sez she
That it's not over here, sez she
That I have cause to fear, sez she
It's them Belgiums, sez she
That's throwing the bombs, sez she
And frightening the life, sez she
Out of the son and the wife, sez she
But in these parts, sez she
They have warm hearts, sez she
And they all like me well, sez she
Barring the Honour Parnell, sez she
I don't know Earl, sez she
What's come over the girl, sez she
And that other one, sez she
That Maude Gonne, sez she
Dressing in black, sez she
To welcome me back, sez she
Now Maude'll write, sez she
That I'd brought the blight, sez she
Or changed the season, sez she
For me own private reason, sez she
And I think there's a slate off that Willie Yeats, sez she
He should be at home, sez she
French polishing his poems, sez she
Instead of writing letters, sez she
About his betters, sez she
And parading me crimes, sez she
In The Irish Times, sez she
Ah, but what does it matter, sez she
All this magpie chatter, sez she
When I heard the welcoming roar, sez she
Coming up from the shore, sez she
Right over the foam, sez she
Sure it was like coming home, sez she
And me heart fairly glowed, sez she
Along the "Rock road", sez she
And into Butterstown, sez she
And be Merrion Round, sez she
Until I come to the ridge, sez she
Of the Leeson St. Bridge, sez she
And was greeted in style,
By the beautiful smile,
Of me Lord Mayor Pyle, sez she
Fate if I'd done right, sez she
I'd a made him a knight, sez she
And I need not repeat, sez she
How they cheered in each street, sez she
Till I come to them lads, sez she
Don't you know them undergrads, sez she
Oh, and indeed and indeed, sez she
I got many a God Speed, sez she
But nothing to compare, sez she
With what I've got here, sez she
So pass the juge, sez she
And I'll fill each mug, sez she
And I'll give you a toast, sez she
At which you may boast, sez she
Now I have a power of sons, sez she
All sort's of one's, sez she
Some as quiet as cows, sez she
Some always in rows, sez she
And the one that causes the most trouble, sez she
Should the mother loves double, sez she
So here's to the men, sez she
That's gone into win, sez she
That's clearing the way, sez she
To Pretoria today, sez she
And the gap of danger, sez she
There's a Connaught Ranger, sez she
And a fusilier not far, sez she
From the heart of the war, sez she
And they may talk a lot, sez she
And them foreign baboons, sez she
May drawn their cartoons, sez she
But there's one thing they'll never draw, sez she
And that's the loin's claw, sez she
For before our flag is furled, sez she
We'll own the world, sez she

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