(We're gonna do it like this)

The supreme human being
Smoking a shitload of trees, focused on intervening
Put a little bit of rock on the block and watch everybody get high from it
There's no contest cause the flow more complex than my ebonics
You can't get with it i'm not sick with it I'm sick witted
It's like a crime's been committed, but just like OJ I'mma get aquitted
Sittin' on a fistful of dough, hated on by the city
I'mma star like that thing that was hangin off of Janet's titty
Brutal as Brutus and Ceasar giving speakers seizures
No time for shit, let alone leisure
Bustin boat rockin', show stoppin', heart droppin', chart toppin, script out
Scrolls can make paraplegics flip out
Niggas steady bustin' they clip out
Sellin' wolf tickets, but when the shit kicks off they hoppin' over pickets
Adding a Veil of Maya to my mindframe
Now I'mma let get at them get at em and do the damn thing

I got the pesos, the yen, the franks, and the dineros
The triple, triple zeros in my safe, handy Montero
You think the skills pay the bills (huh), only if you say so fool
Now why we ride da Winnebago, money stacked like Legos
‘Cause I’m an incredible, intelligent individual
Rhyming is my ritual
One hundred percent spiritual
Here’s the spirit, I hear it comin from your heart
From the docks to the dark, light it up it’s time to spark
Only Dutchmaster while we at the Super Bowl
Entertainment for your mind, body and soul. It’s mind control
You can find me at the gas station buying a hundred gallons of gas, a hundred gallons of gin to clamor my wind of sin
Climb to the top, no free shots till the crowd counts to ten
I’m still undisputed ‘cause I eluded every shell
Buckshot sellin' records hot to make your young men swell
Or where bitches try-na fuck with my mail
And now your tossin salads in a penitentiary cell
You fake MC's see my face and you’re asking “bail”
I wait till the last second to drive a rusty nail
Through your arm, arm, leg, leg, and your head and make you burn in Hell

Never ever break me, never ever

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