"Bullet to the Brain" as written by and Dave Mustaine....
No one knows what draws the moth to the flame
And nothing costs as much as playing the game
She had to know, know, know, he'd give love for sex
He had to know, know, know, she'd give sex for love

The taste, touching his tongue, sweet to his lips
Poison, now penetrating deeper
Betrayed by just one bite, for just one night
To find forbidden fruit tastes sweeter

Just like pressing a loaded gun to your head
One knows only the spider can navigate its web
She had to know, know, know, he'd get what he wants
He had to know, know, know, she'd get what she needs

Soon under the spell, emotions are high
Mind control penetrating deeper
The hex was cast on him, all he believes
Now is forbidden fruit tastes sweeter

She had to know, know, know, he'd win at the start
He had to know, know, know, she'd win in the end

His one last thought blew his mind, bullet to the brain
Hot lead was penetrating deeper
Just one reckless shot squeezed from the hand
That knows forbidden fruit tastes sweeter

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"Bullet to the Brain" as written by Dave Mustaine

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Bullet to the Brain song meanings
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    My InterpretationI firmly believe this song is about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. How she seduced him , offering sex in exchange for love, and thus a lifestyle of the rich and famous. He tasted her forbidden fruit, and was driven to the edge of insanity as a result.......ultimately leading to self-inflicted "bullet to the brain"
    hotjerseyguyon February 09, 2016   Link
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    General Comment@hotjerseyguy I agree. I’m one of those people that had a relationship such as that, I had sex with a woman who ended up pregnant. I decided with her it would be best if she moved in as I was on board to being a father. When she signed the lease to the rental she turned batshit crazy. Verbal abuse everyday when I got home. I figured maybe it was because of hormones and settled to waiting until after birth to see if she would change and she only got worse. I ended up leaving her as I did not want my son to grow up in that environment as I was starting to yell and swear back as a result of her abuse. It did not end there.

    In Canada the federal government demanded that all province and territories make a agency that literally aims to force you to pay child support, I am not against paying child support but if you either lose your job or hours are cut short you still have to pay what the agency tells you or else you almost lose your freedom. They will take all possessions, licence even if your licence is how you earn income, even as far as jail time. They will not negotiate. They don’t care. It’s the most cruel thing I had to deal with. But I was able to get my son in the end and was able to can their program. But it’s was a extra 2 years of hell and abuse from my own government. Alberta maintenance enforcement program is the worst of them all.

    I listen to this song a lot as it reflects perfectly to what I went through just for a little sex. Although I never killed myself a lot of men here in Alberta have due to the harsh nature of the program. It’s a unknown evil of Alberta, Canada.
    Shytallicaon August 30, 2018   Link

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