See Ima StreetLife souljah steady mobbin the streets-I pacc a heat cuz there's no peace-on every corner of my street-see I ride through the night-guided by the moonlight-like a flower needs the sun to grow I need the street lights-wanted dead or alive-high until I die-and I ride with the StreetLights shining in my eyes- Ima StreetLife Souljah steady mobbin the streets 4x's
I twist the top off the bottle I take a sip of the drank-I let the liquor ease the pain and the clouded madness in my brain-everyday I wake up with the same thought running thru my mind-will I live to see tomorrow or will I die in the streetlights-running around the clock 24-7 gripping my Smith N Wesson-a little bad ass adolescent-grew up a menace-in the times of depression- & oppression-I struggle-to stacc a bundle-off of quater P's I bubble-flipping shit like pancakes searching for the daily double-I'm nothing but trouble-chunkin em with Gorillas in the jungle-first to cracc off a rumble-with a fist full of brass knuckles-feel the bone crumble-I tussle-niggas I serve and watch em stumble-feel they knees buckle-fall to the floor like a football fumble-now they snooze in a red puddle-it's so hard to be humble-when every minute of the day it's a struggle-ain't no puzzle-that's why Ima peepin out the world thru my gunscope-I keep a heat in my possesion everytime when I mob the streets-a glocc 17 tucced in my creased baggy jeans-it's like I got a disease-I'm infected with Rabies-My Life Is Crazy-walking the Devil's flaming tightrope on the daily-I got more heat then Hades-ask them niggas that pushing up Daisy's-the Feds they hate me-they try to raid me-and frame me-but I won't let it make or break me-don't trust no one only my 380 cuz she's my lady-see Ima military minded Souljah-when I run up on ya-bet my barrels longer-snakes try to push me in a corna-I'm being stalked by Alley Vultures dressed up in disguised-plotting on my homicide-& demise-I can read it in they eyes-I feel a chill & tingle in my spine-cuz I know that they close-keep my hand glued to my nine-wherever I go-busting lics in the moonlight-live and die in the streetlights-I gave my heart and soul to the StreetLife-

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StreetLife (Part One) song meanings
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