Verse1. These suckahz will suck da color outta brother Mike Jackson back to life back to reality don't be mad at me cause you a suckah a gullible muthafuckah like you really believe that's them celebs on Facebook some are most aren't that I seen suckahz getting hooked on phishing schemes by scam artist tryna bleed your pockets for you money like a leech praying I get cracked like Meech but I ain't doing nothing so Ima stay Puppet Master of Kingz every marinette on my strings suckahz get reeled in so cold like fish blood with no feelings you say you killing you the next suckah to get reeled in the Sea Trappers Fish Net I see thru Sea Traps like fish nets stalkings before my Grandmoma done wore them that's on the set drop suckahs like sets mix and master they ass in a sec leave them wet with Reverbs & Dynamic Effects flawless is the finished edition throw your coins and fortune in a barren well you death wishing don't count on the stars I bounce threw the Park with a Pimp Hop like I'm off tar Trickshot the lops and the marks that wanna play the part dip thru the Last Stage curtains Pittsburg D when I burst it on a suckah sandbag them muthafuckas intro them to The Phantom's repercusions Fanta Girls coming at ya silky laced Moth slugs when we busting like Porhub Squirt Porn gushing on maximum coming
Verse2. I know hoes that shine like a Tony with racks man no Toni Braxton they Mint Condition the real deal ya gotta feel it's like a virgin mint condition 100 bill Virginia Smoke Packs is targets for Locust they Money Dough Grams cause the world is a prison everybody trapped sinning they might be winning but define getting it they really just losing abusing this Free World not loving themselves first off like a suckah aconaclasses wanna bring ya down with them it's like the crabs in the pot at the beach in Manhatten tryna climb out over the fire while the water boiling there is no escape from a deadly fate like my ninja Pac say with nothing to lose and a point to prove you sure you wanna pay them dues by walking miles in P.I.A shoes sporting prison blues? Learn from a suckah get a clue of what and how the inside do it's not a cake walk breeze thru I did 14 years straight I still see the Gun Tower with the Mini 14 tool & the Level Four 180 Design in my rearview that spiderweb I broke through not tryna get trapped again can't trust my real friends are they real or just appear to be but really suckahz in the end pay attention my friends to fallen passed friends mistakes learn a lesson with every story with every change of there Autobiography page you just have to peeping with the Third Eye through Sherlock Holmes glass that's magnified

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