Chorus: Mr.Mak 11 ozzy the black sheep the bad seed I'm tha big bad wolf in the black sheeps clothing
Verse1. I'm like Grandmaster Flash I plant the white chalkline of death on Satan's back run his ass over in my black hearse and throw him in the back of my titanium casket I'll be like the Isley's have you drifting on a memory wrap you in between some white sheets now you sleep & dream eternally catching Z's wit Bo peep I'm the Big Bad Wolf in the Black Sheeps clothing you punks won't make my day I got them double 44's like Dirty Harray I'm insured by Eastwood born & raised on Bleakwood I'm that Black Thai Tiger creeping thru the woods with my nine iron I'm that ultimate warrior the David who slayed Goliath Ima outcast like Andre and Big Boi originated from the Black Void I'm the Android riding on that Doomsday Asteroid I'm the Alien breeded from them Extratersetial loins I'm a Madman like Manson feeding my Coi's Madames in my Caravan called the Metroid
Verse2. I'm the Slaughterhouse it was written the Black Sheep's Vedi Veda Venchi drinking Black Widows poison getting tipsy I'm the Bad seed planted in the Egyptian Cobra and best believe I'm hissing the Daredevils label me risky I'm in love playing the Hero & Villian somthing Dangerously the side is Wild & Wicked packed wit C-4 I'm the fuse less timebomb ticking I tighten you loose pussy's up like a screwdrive leave um twisted that's why them cops send them K-9's to sick me they won't get me my twin pits turn um into mince meat I'm the Enigma that's a unsolved mystery dipping in a bulletproof Expedition you can't read my soul my windows are tinted Thug living as a rydah that's my ambitions Third World is my religion I diminish ya'll guppie fishes unlike Jesus Christ in the Bible scriptures I'm Black Sheep the Bad Seed planted in the concrete prison system better known as this world of indifference this is the Third Dimension entertwined with Goatheads and crufixes Chorus
Verse3. The hand of all Mankind is against me I rubbed the world the wrong way now I'm stuck in the penitentiary beating on these steel bars my bloody battered knuckles that are scarred tell all of my past wars my heart bitter contempt to all these maggets that eat my flesh like faggets that eat the dick I'm rotten in my Gold Sachafagus casket because I'm already dead at the dawn of civilization they reawakened yes I'm the Black Sheep the Bad Seed that sprouted my roots are so sacred my soul is eternal like the Sands of Time it's origin is ancient I need 2 recharge my spiritual battery and replenish the roots of my demon seed can you really trace the anatomy of my spiritual power you know I have no love or apathy for these cowards I'm smoking rocks and bammer because my life is numb and stressed I'm the Black Sheep bitch immortal in the flesh Chorus

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