(Krayzie Bone (Bizzy Bone):)
Hey young thugs the world is yours, the world the world the world is yours, (it's like I'm going down yeah though the air)young thugs, young thugs, young thugs, my young thugs (x3)

(Krayzie Bone:)
Standin outside is a brokin thug (that's me) who don't wanna go home, where they're standing here frozen up, hangin out in the coze, here all alone, tryin find our soul, before the mind is gone, tryin find that god and roll, and keep rollin on, on on on rollin on you betta keep rollin on, on on on, rollin on, you gotta keep rollin on.

(Wish Bone:)
Everytime I look into the mirror, keep thinking I'm wrong, cause I thug, I thug, all I see lookin back as a thug and I know I did wrong, young thug young thug, it's amazing how we get them second chances and you betta slip on, all thugs all thugs, T.H.U.G. is all I wanna be, all my little thugs is really thuggin with me, I really don't get it straight from poverty (brokin em all) you gotta stop because those thugs are gonna (live on)

(Krayzie Bone (Bizzy Bone):)
It's like I'm going down yeah though the air)young thugs, young thugs, young thugs, my young thugs (x3)

(Bizzy Bone:)
See baby gotta goin on, but she was born in a fucked up home, and ain't nobody feelin her, momma seem to be stuck on niggas gotta beat us everytime shes gone, and ain't nobody real as her, hear we go again, there he go again, I don't wanna be here no more, now I'm having a baby and the only nigga to help me (you don't have to tell me) even Krayzie and he left you, yeah that nigga went crazy but I thank you for the love, that's all I've got, baby got it going on 19 mill shop, bail drop, bling watch, talent fufilled, hoops with the hair all prepped and popped, don't give a fuck about a nigga now (I don't care) but the shit don't stop yeah, till the casket drop yeah, I'm all that I got

(Layzie Bone:)
Once upon a time, a young lil nigga running marijuana smoking weed, and if you was looking for whatever he can get you what you need, down thugstas with some props, no one seem to spot em, one day somebody shot em, and the drama got started, now his momma on the block and bigger brother is in jail, nigga is gonna keep, I gotta story to tell, see frst he was a chillin then his belly got hungry, everybody in the family out for selfs, ain't got no money, so what's a young thug to do now? ain't nothin to do but hit the streets and get some heat and put the rules down, that's what he get, lil hustla off to the races, try to win it while he in it, acting bad and catching cases, before he knew it he was in too deep, no where to run and no where to hide, he was in too deep, he coulda changed his life, but no he didn't, now the lil nigga laying bed in the grave, still not listening

(Krayzie Bone (Bizzy Bone):)
(it's like I'm going down yeah though the air)young thugs, young thugs, young thugs, my young thugs (x3)

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