He was down on the floor with his lips to a glass
Said he dreamed of a future that won't come to pass
That he once strived to excel in a world so vast
But why run a race when it's rig and he's fixed in last
Then he mused all of life is a joke and he laughed
That it is what it is and he's thankful for all that he has
I said well let me just pose one question and ask
If you just want what you have, then why are are you sad

If you want to fight
Then why are you running
If everything is fine for you
Why are you stumbling
So silent

She was tripping on something that was laced in her tea
And she was high as a kite when she said she could see
Said we in the land of the free but no freedom grows
And if we in a brave new world where'd the brave all go
I said, hell if I know
Then she told me that the problem is society
Everybody crippled by anxiety
No one is the person that they try to be
Then she said, what we need are a few with a view that can bring a change through
That we need less talk and more do
So I said to her, what about you

If you want to fight
Then why are you running

If everything is fine for you
Why are you stumbling
So silent

I was listening to someone give a speech
Something 'bout the knowledge of enlightenment he reached
And as my eyes glazed over in my seat
He approached and he asked if he could challenge my beliefs
I said by all means have at it
Then he talked about the suffering and source of bad habits
How the emptying of mind is the challenge
And withdrawing from the world is the cure to all sadness
I said that all sounds like madness
Why have a life and then not be alive
Why have a mind and then choose to be blind
What you call wisdom is the fear that you hide
You cannot retreat from those demons inside
This is not peace, it's a mask you adorn
This is not truth, it's a trap, nothing more
And you're too busy running from something you can't ignore

If you want to fight
Then why are you running
If everything is fine for you
Why are you stumbling
So silent

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