Kudos to you without a doubt
You've done us quite an extra scout
You took upon a major task
And now you're living back in the past

New life sink into the light
High-tech girls and countrysides
Never trust a ponytail
His evil charm is off the scale

He'll lock you in his mansion house
You'll be playing with toy cars
While he occupies a couch

His demonstration, conversation bomb
I've got a thing or two for you
Never write without a second verse
Don't ever play a ballad first

We may have got the first kiss in
But don't give all your hopes just yet
He's looking at your record pile
Playing your music with a smile
She may have lots of fancy toys
Better luck with all the boys
But Jenny Kelly, this one's for you

You're famous for your awkward smile
Your purple hair, your wayward style
You took upon a chance my dear
No creditor, no crowd to cheer

And I've got a new one for you
I'm still having doubts
Never cross at a crossing guard
Don't ever pick fights with louts

I'm not around to miss you, Jenny Kelly
I'm not around to miss your smile
I'm not around to miss you, Jenny Kelly
I'm not around
I'm not around, my friend

You're my friend

Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, my friend

Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, my friend

Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
Goodbye, Jenny Kelly
You're my friend, oh Jenny Kelly
You're my friend, oh Jenny Kelly
Oh Jenny Kelly

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Jenny Kelly song meanings
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    General Comment

    Allegedly about a Dublin dj of the same name. Allegedly.

    darragh113on May 24, 2018   Link
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    Song Meaning

    It's about Jenny Kelly from the early 90's time travel show The Girl From Tomorrow. It references characters (Alana - with her fancy toys, Silverthorn - evil charm and ponytail, Nick - looking at her record pile) and scenes from the series, as well as Jenny Kelly's awesome purple hair and awkward smile. She should have songs written about her.

    Tim42on March 15, 2019   Link

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