Give me just one moment
Through the eyes of the one in
A picture perfect moment
In the life of the one who is
Something better, more than
Anything i will ever be
Give me just one second
Just to touch what I'll never own
Let me count those feelings
Of love that i will never share
Show me your compassion
In the dark of this world
I would give it all
For one taste of it
Of everything
I would give it all
To become you
Well i finally found out
That this world
This whole worlds a lie
And ill try
I would give it all to become you

Lyrics submitted by sokorny

Concealing Fate, Part 4: Perfection song meanings
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    My OpinionYou know, the lyrics are pretty simple, but it's almost as I can hear them even without the music...
    They fit so well, these words and these notes have been been made for each other. The music sings the lyrics and the lyrics draw the music.
    The passion in his voice is also very fitting, he actually FEELS what he's singing about.
    Edboyon December 22, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionMy guess from the lyrics is that he wishes he was someone else, someone better, even for a moment... pretty self explanatory

    I do however completely agree with Edboy, exceptional songwriting, and vocals.
    8426on April 09, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionThese lyrics are much like what what I wrote in my diary a few years ago, I was so obsessed with perfection and I seriously felt like I would give ANYTHING for just ONE moment of absolute perfection.

    I then found out that the whole world's a lie, and that perfection is a lie, because perfection is just a feeling, and not something that can be reached by changing things around you. You have to change yourself in a way that is more than just being a better person, you have to change your way of seeing things.

    Also, Edboy is so right about the words and the notes being made for each other. This is a perfect example of how to write a song. It's just way too short....
    Sansa5on November 21, 2013   Link

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