"PPP" as written by and Victoria Legrand Alex Scally....
Out in the heartland
I looked in your eyes
And I asked "Are you ready?
Ready for this life?"

Did you see it coming?
It happened so fast
The timing was perfect
Water on glass

Like tracing figure eights on ice in skates
Oh well
And if this ice should break it would be my
Mistake (my mistake)

Between the cities
Between the thrills
There's something inside you
That doesn't sleep well

It won't last forever
Or maybe it will
The white clothes they gave you
You wear them so well

Someone once told me
In love that you must
Place all you're given
In infinite trust

Yet I'm tracing figure eights on ice in skates
So well
And if this ice should break it would be my
Mistake (my mistake)

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"PPP" as written by Victoria Legrand Alex Scally

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    General CommentThis song and astronaut again give me the notion that the subject is of a person in the military. There are several hints in the song that fit perfectly to that notion.

    "Are you ready, ready for this life?" Majority consensus is military life can be a rude awakening.

    "Between the cities, between the thrills" Living in a military town, many military personnel travel and are known for their off time of partying.

    "It won't last forever or maybe it will. The white clothes they gave you, you wear them so well." Maybe this person will stay in as long as there enlistment states or prolong it and make it a career. Whites are a name of one of the Navy's uniforms.

    Giving the analogy of skating on ice making infinite signs, states that I'll keep the course of love but I chose to be on a dangerous surface. I know this person is leaving yet they could potentially die, cheat (which unfortunately the Navy has a terrible record of that). Yet that's not going to stop her from love and if it all goes to hell she will own up to it.

    Chat_Chat_on December 29, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song gives me so many feels, it's freaking beautiful. I think as a general concept that it talks about some realtionship that you think it will last forever, but the two people involved are just not meant to be. It's probably about a marriage though.
    It gets me rly emotional. Amazingly poetic, beautiful lyrics.
    di4stemaon March 26, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me so emotional, I think its about a couple that fell in love but know that it's bound to end. Nothing lasts forever.
    pinklavenderon July 18, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationObjectively, this song sounds like it's about signing onto a record label and going on tour, and falling in love with it yet not finding fulfillment from it or having doubts about long-term stability perusing it. However, this song reminds me of being manic and having a depressed girlfriend.

    We matched at an opportune time as they don't go out that much. I would manically send them my thoughts and they would take it seriously. There was the moment where I revealed my affections to them, and they told me straight that their depression makes them unreliable. So there was in this moment an exchange of "are you ready for this life?"

    Tracing eights on ice in skates is like balancing my mental health, and if the relationship should break to my mania it would be my mistake. I like the foreshadowing to infinite trust that the figure eight represents.

    Something inside me not sleeping well really suits my dance with mania. Between the thrills of mania, I get down and reclusive.

    They gave me white clothes when I was an inpatient at a behavior health clinic. I vibed with that setting pretty well. I would write down a lot and interact with the other spiritually minded folk there.

    Since that experience I've been balancing my mental health pretty well.
    noodlepanon April 30, 2018   Link
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    General CommentBetween the cities
    Between the sorrels
    Something inside you
    Doesn't sleep well
    hipsterhomelesson July 20, 2015   Link

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