'Cause, fill my lungs full of smoke;
Fill my belly full of beer;
Fill my nights with bad jokes,
Told by folk full of fear;
Fill my eyes with a stinging;
Fill my time wishing she was here.

Well, fill my wide with a narrow;
Fill my safe full of danger;
Fill my bed full of shadows;
Fill my dreams full of strangers;
Fill my ears with a ringing;
Fill my heart with a fear of fear.

Well, fill my cup half empty,
'Cause it's never been half full;
Fill me up, paint me over
Like a damp patch on the wall.
Leave me lying on my stomach
On your neighbor's bathroom floor.
I'm only here until tomorrow anyway.

I'm burning up like a fever
That rages in the night.
Spark me up. I'm a firework--
I'll burst into light.
For it's better to burn out
Than fade out of sight.
That's what someone told me anyway.

'Cause, fill my lungs full of smoke;
Fill my belly full of beer;
Fill my nose full of cocaine;
Fill my eyes full of tears;
Fill my short with a longing;
Fill my time with a wishing I wasn't here.

Oh, fill my past with regret.
Wrap my present in brown paper.
Fill my future with promises,
The promise to come later.
Fill my hear with a stinging.
Fill my heart with a fear of fear.

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    My InterpretationPowerful song
    Think he's in a place where he doesn't want to be.
    He wants to be with her.
    Wide full of narrow (narrow minded) the people and the level of intelligence he's surrounded with.
    The general atmosphere - he doesn't fit in - and he feels the fear from all the people.
    He shines/burns which he was told by "someone" anyway that it's better to go like that.
    Smoke/beer/coke - it's not where he wants to be. He would rather fill his life
    surrounded by positive - and he feels invisible.
    So basically he's confronting his fears. He's scared of this feeling.

    Small note in his sing (I hate) he says a similar thing people in nightclubs snorting coke and telling me where I'm going wrong. "I hate the X factor murdering his beautiful simple music.

    Basically anti establishment.

    I'd like to hear any thoughts on this please x
    Sbrianon April 20, 2018   Link

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