Defenses forsake logic neutralized tolerance upgraded cause and effect
Taking revenge ancient bloodlines abuse enhancing internal degeneration
Of immunities now overloaded stage of adaption systematic collapse is
Conceived (artificial cellular maintenance spawning deficiency through
Tampering new age opiate of the masses) prescription induced weakening
Coding deficiency hardwired priorities for corporate advancement
Revenues advocate dependence lost archaic bloodlines implant
Artificial balance infiltrate incapacitate the masses ignoring
Consequence backfiring revolution is our dissent triggering collapse
Systematically mainlining parasitic chemical maintain defense integrity
Dependency genetic waste tolerance is lost now lost in vain lost winding
Down to nothing gone winding down to nothing inside medically unchartered
Process has been mechanized hope is lost to a science tested crisis to generate
A weakening synthetic waste tolerance is lost now lost in vain hope is lost
Processed archaic bloodlines infiltrate incapacitate the masses ignoring
Consequence backfiring revolution neutralizing tolerance triggering collapse
Systematically mainling parasitic chemicals to maintain the defence
Against the adaptation of the enemy
(humanity winding down as it forges toward the revolutionary age of pioneering
Science death has been engineered manufactured defenses parasitic armament
Overloading developmental stages of the evolutionary process hardwiring inferior
Synthetics into natural genetics seeking immortality opiate of the masses
Pioneering sciences will infiltrate existence accelerating humanities dependency
On synthetic chemicals by tampering with unknown consequence slow death
On a molecular level hope is lost) hope is lost laid to waste.

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