You were never truly loved
You've only been betrayed
You were never truly nurtured
By churches or the state
You left unprotected
To these wild and fragile lands
That you could rise up like a god
Arm yourself, you can be strong
You can build a nuclear power
Transform the earth to your desire
Free your mind from false beliefs
You can be the commander in chief
You can hide your true motives
To dismantle and destroy
Now you finally have good
I have given you good

There's no country left
To love and cherish it's bond
It's gone for good
It's here and maybe
To hunt and gather memories
Of the great nation we were
There are no countries left
To fight and conquer
I think I destroyed them all
It's human nature
The greatest
Until we'll survive alone
With no one left to love

There's no country left
To love and cherish, it's gone
You know it's gone for good
A trillion memories last in
Space and time forever more
I just wanted, I just needed to be loved

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"The Globalist" as written by Matthew James Bellamy

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    General CommentThis song makes up the majority of the second part of the album's story.
    In this song, it describes how the main character feels neglected by people and by the state. ("You were never truly loved, you have only been betrayed"). He then seeks revenge on the world in the form of nuclear war ("I have given you the code"- he has gained access to the nuclear launch codes, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fire." - the launching of the nuclear weapons). The song then describes the aftermath of the nuclear war ("There are no countries left to fight and conquer, I think I destroyed them all").

    Surprised that there are no comments yet, considering it's Muse... It's a great song, despite perhaps not living up to the tag of "Citizen Erased Part 2".
    PorcTreeon June 12, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningI'm surprised it isn't mentioned here, but Bellamy has been quoted as saying this song is a sequel to the brilliant "Citizen Erased". Interestingly, the structure of the song itself seems to be a mirror of that from "Citizen Erased"... Leading beautifully on when played consecutively; an epic that clocks in at almost 20 minutes.

    That being said, the lyrics would be just as in place on any Muse album, with general themes of revolution, betrayal and destruction of humanity.

    Also, when taken as a whole with Citizen Erased, it shows us the path those with the best intentions end up taking in becoming the very kind of dictator they hated. Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Cuba spring to mind; where these influential figures successfully revolted against an oppressive government, only to become one in itself. Even Marx I have no doubt had the best intentions, unaware that the battle between capitalism and communism would lead the world to the brink of destruction.
    DarkRoniuson September 25, 2017   Link
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    General CommentFirstly, it is very odd how the lyrics I submitted are different than the ones now shown above? There are a lot of word/spelling errors above that I certainly didn't make. "Now you finally have good" for example!

    As PorcTree says, this is the final act of the protagonist about which Drones was written.Essentially this song is about the rise and fall of a psychopathic dictator.
    niteflite01on June 12, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI think of it as the protagonist talking to the antagonist and about halfway into the first part it fades into flashback of when the antagonist first took control and their last fleeting regrets. The very last section is the present realization of their wrongs.
    carolines0on February 17, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is correctly titled The Globalist because it describes exactly what happens when the world is united under one world government. It destroys the sovereignty of all nations. It destroys their culture and pretty much ruins the world.

    This is what we are fighting in our modern day. Globalists vs. Nationalists. Choose whether you want to be a part of the global domination or if you want to stand for your country. The USA made its decision in 2016 and it's the right one.
    vinbasshredon December 01, 2018   Link

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