Yeah, God don't know
Believe me, I believe that's true
Everyday I replace yesterday with my brain
Every season passed twice
Blame it on the C.R.E.B

I never meant to forget you
I always forget people I really like
If I haven't seen 'em for a long time
And I haven't seen you for a long time

Round, round and round it goes
Till the full C.R.E.B. knocked out lets you know
Now I'm, one of them
How much of what I am depends upon the C.R.E.B

I never thought I'd forget you


Yeah, every season pass three times
I never wanna forget you
So if your name is (ricky ticky ticky ticky)
And if you go by (ricky ticky ticky ticky)
Tell me you are (ricky ticky ticky ticky)
Your hippocampus isn't unkind
Your hippocampus isn't alright
Your hippocampus on time
Your hippocampus has it's own mind
Your hippocampus never unwinds
Your hippocampus does it alright

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    General CommentHoly shit I love proteomics! I could just cry, I feel so understood. Reality is a fantastically complex space of highly derived systems relentlessly spawning beauty and spewing vitriol as per their chemical constituents! It's all very lovely to me, this experience of scientific understanding and the confounding effect it has on meaning...

    For anyone that doesn't know, and is interested, C.R.E.B. = CREB1, the human gene encoding for the cAMP responsive element binding protein 1, which is a transcription factor that binds to specific DNA sequences and induces transcription of downstream target sequences as initiated by hormones interacting with the cyclic AMP pathway. Researchers refer to experimental subjects that have had the gene of interest mutated or deleted as "knockouts": this is the most straightforward way to understand the functions of proteins whose code lies in the gene. You can thank these little dudes (the creb proteins, among others) for allowing you to perceive and interact with reality. This shit is no joke and/or metaphor! Source:…
    kirs10on June 02, 2015   Link

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