Yeah yeah yeah
Some rebel rhetoric for ya
Ya know, I'm sick of all the lies
Sick of all the deception
So here we go

Verse 1:
In this state of confusion I'm under no illusion
Pollution of lies can't blind me to these times
A solution, a calming effect on the mind
Spoon-feed the fiction to erase what we find
Standing in line to buy the magazines
If it's in That's Life it's gotta be believed
'Cos the media got the goss' from behind the scenes
And we always hearing what they never seem to mean
Revel in the chitchat behind their backs
And we love the rumours but ignore the facts
And attack integrity, betray common sense
As the fruits give juice there ain't no sitting on the fence
We on the one side 'cos a single person lied
And now we're experts at reading between the lines
If it doesn't sound right then right it must be
We got this science down like anthropology
We really know one another, no-one got a secret
If we even we suspect we must retrieve it
Privacy bleeding while we feeding the lies
Our land is built upon, it's a sign of the times

Ill Fiction, a sign of the times
We getting nowhere, it's the blind leading the blind
Ill Fiction, making up my mind
If we believe will we evolve or fall behind? (repeat)

If we believe will we evolve or fall behind?

Verse 2:
And that's the question: if we think it's all true
Will society evolve or will it just fall through?
If we give into their speech and like a child succumb
Will it be a smooth ride or flatten under a thumb?
Deception; it seems to be a virtue these days
Ways to faze and erase the rat race
And put you in ya place when ya dig a little deeper
Ya found out the truth, now ya gotta meet the reaper
Kill to cover up, kill to shut us up
Dig dig dig, now ya gotta fuck us up!
And go to broadcast; fancy that, there's nothing wrong
Just like usual the people got it wrong
Systematic dissolution, phonology's Dark Side
The power of words to disempower the herd
But cursing the verse when we hijack the frequencies
Immerse to turn the heads, we activate our sequences
Alright, music to incite a riot and blow the PA when Im having my say
No delay, I'll relay to the domes of who believe it
No delay, I'll slay the domes of those who can't conceive it

Hook (X4)

If we believe will we evolve or fall behind? (X3)
If we believe will we evolve or fall?

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