Verse 1:
It's The Radical Sound, that revelatory flavour
Rebellious rhythms accentuating this hater
When he spits that sedition, when he writes it on paper
The pen got a mind of its own, his vision fades
Eyes straight ahead staring into space
Spirit calling the rage outta the hearts
And like minds to gravitate
To the core of the Dark Side narrator
The under-the-law but above whatever they got in store
No bill of rights in my country supporting freedom of speech
And a constitution polluted with man's hypocrisy
But whatever, whichever man wanna come at him
Will give witness to the definition to the spirit of man
Happily saying whatever, whenever, whoever to whom
He damn well please, this man in control so get on your knees
The book of Mike's first chapter of fight-the-power views
The Radical Sound mixtape lighting the fuse

Verse 2:
See me donning the Guy Fawkes mask then rock the beat
That reminds of an Anarchist march out in the street
The level ya can't, level you won't meet
Radicalisation of rhyme; you can't see me
Suburban guerrilla, serial killer
Axe in the raised fist, giving new definition to hacktivist
Black-bag the black-baggers bagging the undesired
Kill-list the critical parasitical individuals
The ticks, pigs and bulls with their guns, grenades and pulls
Playing the fool and when they act a fool I pull the curtains shut
Grab the iron and then blow 'em open with "I give a fuck!"
What ya gonna do?
What ya gonna do when I come for you
With a fistful of steel and the knowledge that this is true
The aggression of youth, idealism and wisdom
The system is a prison, nine-mill pistons
Keeping the machine alive
When you can't live right what's it mean to survive?
So grab the mic or mega, bigger the better
The Radical Sound sounding off, signing off forever

Verse 3:
Push the button, pull the lever and here we go
The port cannon ready for the starboard show
The port cannon blow supported by piratical flow
Like the poetical version of Captain Jack Sparrow
Like a Broken Arrow, I'm nowhere to be found
So you'll feel this impact below and above the ground
When I choose to drop this bomb get in the radius
Pack in the bars, forget the stadiums
And get blasted back by syntax
Convoluted, polluted and lovingly groomed to croon to y'all crews
Fucking with y'all views, y'all destined to lose
When it come to the whack who got a short fuse?
Keep busting the same old 420 and booze tracks
Sex and flexing and party tracks
'Cos y'all help me to snap and write shit like this
More substantial, check me on your list
And he'll yeah that's a dis'
The Dark Side Poet ain't got time to lie
I'll lie when I die
My life, my mind, my lines find the following paramount
The Radical Sound

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