There's a narc on my block and he's parked near the shade of a cherry tree
He's coming to beat the truth right out of me, like I did you

The mistakes that I make, innocent, with the past inability
To function properly, according to the law

I will take on a name and a face that I borrowed from an ex-fiancé
So I can dodge another conspiracy against me; walk away

I just don't know how to let it go, let it go
I swear I'm not a psycho
I just don't know how to let you go, let you go

So the cops sat me down in a cell and they asked where the blood came from
Stains on my shirt and hands, I said, "Ask the girl"

So they talked to conclude that my brain isn't screwed on tight enough
This bullshit flawed system keeping me from two girls

Why should I be forced to let you go, let you go?
I'll beat you till you love me
Diabolical hypocrisy is tainting me, but it won't stop me

First degree charge for criminal battery
Yeah, baby, gotta believe me
I'll kill you dead before I let you go, let you go

Now I'm here
Now I'm here

Now I'm here, all alone, playing cards, reading books, serving up my time
With a bunch of disgusting pigs in the county jail

I would dream of the day they release me out of this malicious place
And how I dream to see your face and make you pay for what you've done

Lyrics submitted by SephNite, edited by k32, HowAboutNo328

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    My InterpretationIt's a story about a man who was driven mad by love (who I presume), for his family.

    Most of the lyrics are about his ability to let go of the past and how it pains him to the point of madness; eventually murdering her. He wanted to her to love him so much that he decided that he physically beat her into submission. He eventually gets caught and convicted thrown into jail and wants to see his wife's face again; presumably to torture in some way "make you pay for what you've done".
    david228143on April 13, 2018   Link

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