Shoot the messenger, measure his wingspan
The organ grinders had the whole thing planned
Take his tongue and remove his two eyeballs
Save (?) for the day if that guy calls
I'm almost certain, but this is speculation
The notes are in a box marked 'Christmas decorations'
Remember what I told ya to do with the hair gel
And don't let anyone see you in the stairwell
Tell the key cutter I said to stay home
I'll call him at quarter after 12 from a pay phone
Make sure whoever stays the night has a dental plan
The girls already came through with the rental van
Shave all the hair on your body and bathe
The convoy will be at the border by morning
Take the appetite suppressants at sunrise
Overexerting tonight would be unwise
We'll all be wearing matching necklaces
Double-check everything, there's no room for recklessness
Burn the clothes I was wearing on Wednesday
Pay no attention to what your so-called friends say
Bury the screwdriver set in the playground
The blood donor said he needs a half hour to lay down
Only ever sign for parcels if you know the guys
At 9:30 am sharp, we mobilize

Electrical tape?
Insect repellent.
Staple gun.
Blank tapes.

scritchy scratchy

Kill the lights and wait for the snow plow
You got the muscle and I got the no-how
Grievances aside, i think that if we act together
And give the snake charmer an extra day to track the weather,
We should have no problem seeing this through
Even the machine being this new
Find out from the in boys what kind of supplies is it
Then I think we should pay 'em a surprise visit.
Draw the map on the back of the place mat
Then mark an X where the testing was based at
Roll all the coins in the jar by the radiator
The we can drop off the negatives, maybe later
I still can't believe the pillow cases went missing
Ask Jason if he knows how to get to the gas station
Check the levels when the work enhances
But don't take your wig off under any circumstances
It's gonna get hot when the plugs are pulled
Let go of the rope when the jugs are full
Set the pager I gave you to vibrate
And then glue a magnet to the bottom of the pie plate
Give the kid ten bucks and show him how to light the torch

There ain't no shame in this

Cue up quick, the baby sitter threw up
The original canisters are hidden in the banisters
Gold bond?
Sleepy seeds.
Dog whistle?
Clean towels.
Rosin bag.
Compass juice?
Divining rod.

scritchy scratchy

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