"Go west. Die young," she whispers soft through her Santa Ana lungs
She finds the faults, tan-lines the girls
Puts a five o'clock shadow at the edge of the western world
Her palms spring straight to heaven
Her love is a dog from hell
And the back seats that she's shared with me, they ain't going to well
Her cars are pooled, her earth is quaked, and her crypts are drenched in bloods
And the giants swim by in blues and greys as we godbless the aqueducts
I've drawn a million breaths, and every one was more asthmatic than the last
Go west. Die young.
Sunburn my skin and un-requite my love
We were hand-in-hand, one last caress
We raise a toast to the valley of death
There's a condom in her gutter, and babies in her trash
And the pigs once tried to kill a King near this westbound overpass
But I come here to watch the planes as they come and go
And she smogs my air and salts my sea and reminds me that I'm home
I've been cut. Trojan-horsed
Every cut cut deeper, deeper than the first
Thirsty and miserable
I guess I wasn't made for these times
Songs to aging children come: teen creeps lost in another state of mind
And, now we dance, and now we sing
When the music's fucking over we all must bleed
Go west. Die young.
Suburban homes and nausea
May grey. June gloom. Tequila sunset, I've been waiting for you
Fuck armageddon, 'cause this is hell
And if you listen real close she's got secrets to tell
Go west. Die young
Drive your five o'clock shadow straight into the western sun

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Five O'Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World song meanings
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