No control / no surprise
Tossed the keys to the kingdom
Down that hole in my eye
I’m my own / casualty
I fuck up everything I see
Fighting in futility

We start the final war
Tell me what’s worth fighting for
When we know there’s nothing more
We take the hand or fist
Just to sell ourselves for this
The path we least resist

No control / no surprise
Tossed the keys to the kingdom
Down that hole in my eye
I’m my own / casualty
I fuck up everything I see
Fighting in futility

I give you what you came for / this is not the same though
Got a different method but I still can bring the pain so
Y’all stuck in that same flow / I got that insane flow
High as y’all can get you’re never really in my range though
Yes I’m half anglo / half fried panko
All prime-time rhymer / let the bass bang low
All you fucking lames go / aiming at my name, know
Careful what you shoot because you might hit what you aim for

No control / no surprise
Tossed the keys to the kingdom
Down that hole in my eye
I’m my own / casualty
I’m my own

I'm not allowed to say certain things. RAWR!

Try and do...Try and do the other thing.

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Keys to the Kingdom song meanings
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    General CommentI think this song is about doing the wrong things, not being able to control what you're saying or what you're doing. I also think it's about missing out on certain things and regretting your doings.
    adasiekkon June 18, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationHonestly I think this song is addressing all the people who say they “miss the old Linkin Park”
    Mike’s part here is the biggest clue as to what this songs about.

    “”Uh, I give you what you came for
    This is not the same though
    Got a different method
    But I still can bring the pain so
    Not all give the same though
    I got daddy's same flow
    I am sock in catch you never really in my range though
    Yes I'm half anglo, half huapango
    On primetime, I'ma let that bass bang though
    All you fucking lames go
    Aiming at my name though
    Careful what you shoot, cause you might hit what you came for””

    It sounds a lot like he’s calling out everyone who wants Linkin Park to go back to the HT days. He’s telling them that they’re still here and they’re still making great music, just with a different formula/method. The “lames” are constantly attacking the bands name and Mike’s telling them off.
    The “we start the final war” part could be them acknowledging how they know that no matter what they put out, not everyone’s going to love it. There’s always going to be a “war” with the haters.
    Now Chester’s part is more difficult for me to interpret personally, but what I got from it was that the

    “”I’m my own casualty
    I fuck up everything I see
    Fighting in futility””

    was also shade towards the people wanting HT back. We all know HT and Meteora were more personal and angsty albums. And those lines are pretty angsty. I feel like it’s LP saying “here, is this really what you guys wanted? Fuck you”
    Another idea I had was maybe the “I’m my own casualty” is in regards to how LP could have got even more huge if they kept making albums in the same Nu Metal style, but they changed and ultimately got less radio play and more hate.
    Although maybe those lyrics could really be just how the writer feels about them self, nothing more.
    risa13on January 17, 2019   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is unbelievably deep and shows that LP can make a symbolic masterpiece even with heavy instrumentals. (some of the lyrics above are incorrect and i will fix them in my analysis)
    My interpretation is as follows:

    (The entire song is from the perspective of civilians in a democracy)

    "No control- Citizens feel they have no say in their government

    /No surprise-They arent surprised that...

    Tossed the keys to the kingdom- ...their power in government ("keys to the kingdom") has been weakened or undermined/completely overlooked because...

    Down that hole in my eye!- ...their views on how they should be governed (eye) have been destroyed or disregarded (hole) by the government in favor of the government's own views of how they should operate; therefore, it's not surprising that the citizens power is overlooked and they have no say in how they are governed.

    I'm my own/casualty- The citizens are the reason for their loss of control and power in government because...

    I fuck up everything I see-...they are the ones that cause the issues that need to be addressed by government in the first place; why would leaders listen to those that cause the problems anyway?

    Fighting in futility"-Citizens will argue, bicker, debate, etc about which political party is better or which vision for the government is better, but it doesnt matter; they will have no say in the government no matter what,simply because the government thinks they know what is best for their people.

    Verse 1:
    "We start the final war- People tend to make a big fuss over elections and such; therefore, the "War" over who should lead the nation is "final", but not final as in the last of something, rather as in something permanent. Whoever is in charge of a government makes changes that have a permanent effect on the nation in the future, which is why the struggle over who should win is final...

    Tell me whats worth fighting for-...however, why should the citizens argue over who governs them when...

    When we know there's nothing more-...they have no real say in how they are governed anyway; there's nothing more after the election of the leaders that they can do that will impact how they are governed.

    We take the hand or fist- Citizens throughout history have had a tendency to try and make an impact on the government peacefully (the hand) through means such as peaceful assemblies/protests or violently (the fist) in ways such as assassination or death threats to leading officials....

    Just to sell ourselves for this-..but even though these changes are attempted, the citizens will still go straight back to following the government because...

    The path we least resist."- following the leader is the easiest way to live.

    (epic chorus again)

    Verse 2: Mindset of citizens/Mike's own perspective (slightly ambiguous)
    Uh, I give ya what ya came for- the citizens have the solutions to the governments' problems; citizens trying to get their say in government.

    This is not the same though-the citizens have different ways to tackle problems than the government does

    Got a different method but I still can bring the pain so...- even though the citizens' solutions to problems may seem unconventional, they can still be effective

    Ya'll all got the same flow/I got that insane flow- every government leader has the same ideas in the eyes of the people, while the people have a vast amount of unique ideas (insane flow)

    High as ya'll can get you're never really in my range though- the best the government comes up with is never as good as what the citizens do.

    Yes, I'm half anglo/half fried panko- (Mike's heritage) Every citizen is unique and should not be ignored because they differ from the government leaders.

    All prime time rhymer/let the bass bang low-(Mike is referring to himself as a successful person and that his ideas are unique and should be considered too)

    All you fuckin lames go- citizens are telling the government officials that...

    Aimin at my name know;-have been ridiculing their ideas...

    Careful what ya shoot for cause you might hit what you aim take their hate somewhere else (go) because the citizens are not afraid of them and will retaliate.


    (epic glorious guitar solo and chorus)

    Such an amazing song by such a talented group of musicians. Linkin Park's songwriting gets better and better with each new album, and I thought Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns, and LIVING THINGS would be hard to beat in the lyrical meaning and symbolism department.
    solidshadowon October 29, 2014   Link
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    General CommentOMFG. WTF. I did not change those lyrics! LyricFind fucking changed them themselves! Fuck you LyricFind! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You're not cool. Fuck you.
    AdamArtzon June 24, 2014   Link

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