"Shades of Cool" as written by and Rick Nowels Elizabeth Grant....
My baby lives in shades of blue
Blue eyes and jazz and attitude
He lives in California too
He drives a Chevy Malibu

And when he calls
He calls for me, not for you
He lives for love, he loves his drugs
He loves his baby too

But I can't fix him, can't make him better
And I can't do nothing about his strange weather

But you are invincible
I can't break through your world
'Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable

My baby lives in shades of cool
Blue heart and hands and aptitude
He lives for love, for women, too
I'm one of many, one is blue

And when he calls
He calls for me, not for you
He prays for love, he prays for peace
And maybe someone new

But I can't help him, can't make him better
And I can't do nothing about his strange weather

'Cause you are invincible
I can't break through your world
'Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable

You are invincible
I can't break through your world
'Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable

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"Shades of Cool" as written by Rick Nowels Elizabeth Grant

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    General CommentI think that this song is about a girl in love with a Californian boy, who is living the "laid back" lifestyle- he does not have a steady girlfriend, he does drugs, he can't keep a long term job.
    Although she cannot "fix" him and make him settle, she still loves him, even though she's just one of many girls he sleeps with.
    As for the chorus, I think that he metaphorically lives in "shades of cool"- that is, he is emotionally cold as he does not become attached to anyone or anything.The "strange weather" Lana feels refers to how cold he is to her, even in the warm Californian sunshine.
    Lana can't be part of his world as his life is constantly changing, which, is what makes him attractive to her. She can't even try to break his heart, as he does not love her or another girl.
    BillieNicoleon June 07, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationLana wrote this song from the perspective of human who is infatuated with a Smurf. The opening lines "My baby lives in shades of blue, blue eyes and jazz and attitude" make this theme evident immediately, because Smurfs are known for their blue coloring.

    The narrator clearly met their Smurf crush in California, probably while he was filming a Smurf movie in Hollywood. The pressures of being an actor led the Smurf to a life of drug abuse ("he loves his drugs") and promiscuity; as a consequence of this reckless behavior, the Smurf has an illegitimate child- we know this from the line "he loves his baby too."

    Regardless of these potential deal breakers, the narrator continues to obsess over the Smurf throughout the song, but she gets progressively more and more frustrated with the social constructs and barriers preventing her from pursuing the Smurf more seriously. For example, "I can't do nothing about his strange weather" is a clear allusion to the famously dismal weather in Smurf Village, which is notorious for giving Smurfs Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter months. Unfortunately, since humans can't even find Smurf Village, she couldn't help with this at all.

    Overall, the theme of the song is forbidden love, because humans and Smurfs are not the same species. The reason why she says "I can't break through your world" is because the Smurf population won't accept a human into their society, even in this day and age. Lana clearly wrote this song to spread awareness of human-Smurf romance in the hopes that someday, this sort of relationship will be seen as socially acceptable.
    geniusbetchon June 25, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI do not think this song is about Lana and her fascination with older men; it is about an older man thinking about a past love, who died. In the beginning of the video, the man is driving on a lonely road and then Lana starts to appear, in holographic form and seemingly human form. This man sees her on the side walk, and his gaze lingers a little longer before he gets in the car, not sure if she's there or not, or like someone haunting his memories. Lana appears singing: "I can't fix him." "I can't break through your world" she cannot do anything about it to help this man. Later in the video, we see her swimming and the man sees her too. He makes the sign of the cross as she swims by: "he prays for love, he prays for peace, and maybe someone new" the man wants someone new and to be at peace with himself. When the guitar solo is occurring, we see the holographic Lana get shot,and die. At the end of the solo, she pushes herself out of the water to see the man. The man's eyes widen, unsure of what to make. He also seems unsure when dancing with her, especially when he observes her in the mirror prior. When he lets Lana go and fall to the floor after dancing, we see his face and the empty road again, making the whole video seem dreamlike. This man is reminiscing and imagining what things could have been like, if his love hadn't died so young. Lana is the interest of course, and she's telling us about this man, and she can't help him or do anything about his sadness. The man is haunted with what might have been.
    eliseclairon June 19, 2014   Link
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    My OpinionThis will be brief because I do not want to bore the reader as usual.
    Have you tried to love someone who's on drugs? A very important fact of the song, is the order in which she mentions the terms. I was the "girl" of an addict. You have no idea how much I love this woman for sharing a cruel reality for us, the side "bonnies" who have to deal with this shit with our mouths closed. We hope our love will change them. We desire so much to be enough, but even in
    "He lives for love, he loves his drugs, he loves his baby too."
    There's the emphasized order of Lana knowing his priorities, and she's not definitely one of them.
    Trust me, I know how blue and dark can turn the world for someone who is not capable of admire the magnificence of the world without being stoned.
    lourdes100on October 26, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI like to think this song is about a woman with a rather sketchy background who is in love with a cop(hence the "shades of blue" lyric).Despite the strong connection they have and all they have in common,they are from opposite worlds and can never really be together.The "drugs" she mentions aren't actual drugs,but a metaphor for the younger women he is attracted to(both the woman and man are 40something),the "can't fix/help him" refers to the fact that he lives on the edge,never sleeps,has anger issues,and is alone most of the time and his "strange weather" is his moodiness.He appears cold-hearted,but deep inside he isn't,and there is a part of him he keeps hidden away(I can't break through your world").
    (Yes,I am applying my real life to the lyrics and music,as we all do :-))
    ShatteredVinylon December 05, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a girl who fell who is barely okay herself trying to fix a screwed up guy
    ctartaglia2009on August 11, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about a girl whose singing about how her heart is breaking because she realizes he doesn't love her like she loves him. In the song, she talks about how she "can't fix him" because all he knows is too sleep with women and then leave. His heart is cold because he hasn't really experienced love before. When Lana sings , "I can't break through your world" she's saying she loves him but she can't be with someone who loves her but is still with other women and uses them.
    lovaofnovels9on August 22, 2017   Link
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    General CommentAmazing.
    barefooton May 30, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a old man who lives in past with his love but she were died and he feels sad about her!
    According to the shades of cool video it completes "born to die" and "blue jeans" videos. I think Bradley kills lana in both videos and then after years when he gets old he misses lana and sees her everywhere!
    NightFieraon March 19, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a girl who lives in a fantasy
    The guy she likes, loves his job, his family and pretty much his lifestyle but deep inside he's not happy.
    He wants peace, love and someone new who will change his life.
    He has had many girls he's loved but she believes he will love her the same way he's loved these girls.
    She wants to fix him and make him happy but she can't break through to him.
    He's almost in a way bipolar because he wants her too but then he realizes that he doesn't.
    His strange weather are his emotions because he changes a lot and she doesn't understand why he does that.
    She really loves him and believes he does too and she thinks she can fix him but she really can't.
    MeMyselfAndMyBabyTooon September 07, 2015   Link

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