"The Sanctuaries " as written by and James Turk Matt Brown....
From the dark - from the recesses burns anew
A gaze of greed with sights so beset on another
Like a jewel it did shimmer atop gold hills made of coal
Now Dread - the god of the unsaid - eclipses it's spires
Three came forth through the rites of belial and deceit
To bring swift end to their rights and their life
The death of god through the exalting of life over life
A mere whim of the lord of the sun
For eons we'll wield force and destroy a vast number
And to the highest throne our hypocrisy
It alone will serve to cleanse their world
And I as gazed from above I could see through them - worshipping me
I had sought great patterns at length that only fool would have doubted me
As silence engulfed from farther beyond their sights could follow
A seal would be placed upon their heads
Long ago in the galleries this demon once said
"Swear allegiance, then thous't is saved!"
Now the dawn of Acarius - It teems as it floods
To relinquish the call of head
"The Beast rise up from the sea!"
All those who once dwelt in me begged
The origins of their world
All but forgotten is the valiant word of all her sins and forceful gains
As you stare at the sky and wonder what could have been
Remember your sanctuary
As a child you were innocent
But it matters not for our tide is now full swept in
The pax americana sees it's bitter fleeting end
Now the temple in the east - now settled in blood - will rise up and destroy all nations
To win this war they'll battle with alchemy
Unleashing our horrors
Come forth and witness the mind controlled masses
Our slaves - bleeding blue cold
Returning in kind
Defending their life and their home
In that place they will gather
Armaktos - Hell will be born
As I scar through the sky above all which I mythed and lied
Countless times I wished for paradise to coincide
Far too late as the world did join in
Those fools - They pays the price of life but once again
Through the mists I had suffered
As I combed great
Screaming forth through the night
I now beckon thee - king of demons
We delivered your bidding and thoughts divine
Like serpents we had crept
Aligning fates with haste conceiving hate and lies
Immortal beings
We are the ones who destroyed God's plan
Lost but once again this creature did toil
Now free to roam across the land
All the while it did snow at Satan did but follow

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"The Sanctuaries" as written by James Turk Matt Brown


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