Are you up for anything
We're growing a fire

Self explore your egoism
Pulling out that Ouija board, it's on

Never say die unless you mean it
You're the salt of the earth left uneasy
Right or wrong if the world explodes
Well you and I are one

'Cause we're growing a fire
Self explore your egoism
Pulling out your Ouija board oh no

How could you show 'em your weakness
Son of a bitch had no reason
Come along here's a seed of truth
'Cause you and I are one

'Cause we're growing
A fire
'Cause we're growing
A fire
'Cause we're growing
A fire

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"Ouija Board" as written by Samuel Loeffler Peter Loeffler

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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Ouija Board song meanings
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    My InterpretationAt first I thought this was a relationship song, but it sounds like this is more about internal conflicts.
    "Self explore your egoism, Pulling out that Ouija board" could be about taking a step back and reviewing yourself and what you've become as well as looking things from the past that still haunt you.
    "Right or wrong if the world explodes, Well you and I are one" is what makes me think this is about a person who has two sides to themselves. These two lines seem to mean that in the end we will die as one person. Also the lines, "Come along here's a seed of truth, 'Cause you and I are one" show that it is a singular person who is having internal conflict.
    The recurring line "we're growing a fire" explains how this cognitive dissonance is creating anger and even maybe a lack of self worth. This would explain the lyrics: "You're the salt of the earth left uneasy," which basically means that what makes this person meaningful is wavering. This is also seen in "How could you show them your weakness," as he is asking himself how his confidence is disappearing.

    That's just the way I saw it. Great song though!!
    kimdraculaon July 16, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI love the distorted sound at the start ... great way to introduce a song (and an album for that matter). Great opening track and a song that really kicks off strongly!!
    sokornyon April 12, 2016   Link
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    General CommentAlmost sounds like they are suffering a split personality, or as @kimdracula commented they are fighting themselves.

    Growing a fire between themselves to try and bring themselves back to one ... although the internal conflict is not resolved by the end of the song (yet!)
    sokornyon April 07, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with the interpretation @kimdracula gave, however my initial thoughts were broader than the self. To me, I thought of the current state of "terrorism" and "radicalization".

    Any person being persecuted based on things that that said person doesn't have anything to do with can become radicalized (for example, the middle east has plenty of human beings that do not deserve the constant bombing the US did on them). So a fed up person whom becomes radicalized thinks the question to his/herself "Are you up for anything?"

    The verses seem not only like an inner dialogue as was pointed out by others, but can also seem like an actual dialogue.

    "Never say die unless you mean it": Don't be so quick to blame others if you aren't willing to do something about it, i.e. what one might perceive as a terrorist act.

    "You're the salt of the earth left uneasy": Totally agree with kimdracula and can be applied here too. People's situations tend to mold their moods and attitudes about the world. If a person is constantly discriminated, said person will likely begin to constantly discriminate against others, the retaliation "yeah how do YOU like it" mentality.

    But then this is where truth hits hard. "Right or wrong, if the world explodes, well you and I are one". Again the allusion to terrorism with the world exploding. What this means to me is whether or not you think your terrible actions are justified, in life and death, we are all still human. You think it is "you and I", but really "we" are "one". In the end, we are all the same.

    Skipping to verse 2, back to the dialogue. Perhaps the radicalized person actually listened to the other side now and is question his actions and feelings about the other side. And now he's being reprimanded by his side. And I say sides because this almost perfectly exemplifies the Israeli-Palistinian conflict, in my mind. "How could you show em your weakness!? Son of a bitch had no reason!" This sounds like a person who is close minded reprimanding someone whom was more open minded and actually listened. Open mindedness could be seen as weakness because it could seem like the person isn't standing their ground. The reprimander further yells that those people have no reason, how could you listen to those fools!?

    Again, truth hits hard. "Come along, here's a seed of truth. 'Cause you and I are one" Same concept as before in verse 1.

    Now to the chorus, but first, I should send the attention again to the total feel of the song. It. Is. ANGRY. Very quick and furious, which tends to be how a close-minded judgmental person thinks. I find that very important.

    The chorus says we are growing a fire. The phrase "Fight fire with fire". Well that doesn't actually work well in practicality does it. All it does is grow the fire more. So what I think this is saying is as we keep arguing and fighting and blaming each other and segregating each other as we have been historically for ages, all we are doing is making things worse. Despite the fact we are all humans capable of love and care, we resort to our anger and deflect blame from ourselves because we are afraid of accepting responsibility for our actions (especially if we think we can get away with it). Of course this is a blanket statement and fairly anecdotal, but to me it seems like human nature has a natural tendency to deceive. There is some evolutionary merit to what I'm saying but unfortunately it can be easily dismissed because I don't have the links, so I understand. Anyways, "we're growing a fire" because we aren't stopping how poorly we treat each other.

    "Self explore your egoism": Look deep within you and truly understand why you feel the way you do.

    "Pulling out that Ouija Board, it's on": This statement is strange. But I think it actually ties it all together quite nicely after thinking about it a bit. What has been historically the main reason for conflict in all of humanity's wars? Resources and Greed. How do we get what we want? We take it from others if they won't share, sometimes not even giving the opportunity for them to share. How do we justify it? Deflecting blame, typically through religion. "I didn't want to have to kill you, but God told me your people are unworthy so... sorry not sorry." "This holy land is our God given land!" etc. etc. etc. A Ouija Board is used perfectly here because most people would scoff at the idea that a Ouija board be taken seriously. That's preposterous! That shit ain't real! Well tons of people who would think that way believe in a middle eastern zombie that miraculously removed sin from humanity, which justifies their shitty behavior. "Don't worry guys, Jesus saved my soul so me murdering this guy doesn't really impact my end result, still goin to heaven because I believe." This is the problem, we are so quick to judge the Ouija board but we don't look inwards and question our own equally insane beliefs.

    By no means am I bad mouthing religious folks, nor am I trying to dissuade others from their beliefs. I may be atheist but I won't stop anyone from having their beliefs, different or same. I simply hate when others IMPOSE their beliefs on others, making claims like you're going to hell unless you agree with my religion. All I hear is "Do this or I won't be your friend anymore!". All in all, I have my views on religion and in my opinion it has caused tons of trouble (but I'm by no means denying the ton of good it has also provided). It isn't so much that I hate religion, nor religious people broadly; I hate religious people that use religion for person gain and impose on others due to control issues and god complexes, justifying their actions by deflecting blame towards "the will of a higher power". I'm sorry but a real person of religion would actually agree with ME more so than those whom have enacted some sort of crusade in the name of the lord (even if they think I'm wrong due to atheism).

    Ultimately, to sum this all up, I believe this song is supposed to open the eyes of both sides of any conflict (not just religious conflict), and to open honest communication to solve the problem. Because all we are doing right now is growing a fire and clearly that isn't working. In the end, we are all human so it doesn't matter who blows up who, we all die, and we humans need to learn to just accept that fact and live life to the fullest instead of this petty squabbling.
    Orgodemir2on February 10, 2017   Link

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