"Ebb and Flow" as written by and Chad Sexton Aaron Wills....
In the basement waiting for a statement
But station’s frequency is vacant
Why don’t we go outside
In the break room waiting for a big boom
Smoke haze rising in a big plume
Everyone’s dissatisfied

The pools have dried
The trial’s been tried
But the leak’s still spilling
They don’t know what to do
The flow won’t stop
Pressure still won’t drop
Tanks are overfilling

Forward we crawl
Backwards we fall
Through the ebb and the flow
Living within a dream wading through the stream
Beyond the ebb and flow

Up late to earn the proceeds
All stressed out, working until your eyes bleed
Overtime to buy things we don’t need

Always on the go and you’re thirty thirty
Gotta make the ends and get dirty dirty
Will it ever stop will it ever end, is it worthy?

Reality of this is you go loco loco
And too much of this way and you’ll go postal postal
Happens all the time just get in line and go comatose

The moms and pops have all closed up shop
And who can blame them? I don’t know anyone
The kids just hide scared to go outside
And just who can blame them?

And at times it seems unreal
We can see but we can’t feel
And no one’s at the wheel
Born here all alone
Growing old with hearts of stone
The lights are on but no one’s home

Forward we crawl
Backwards we fall
Through the ebb and the flow
Living within a dream wading through the stream
Beyond the ebb and flow

And then just we have faith
Cross invaded to the ebb and flow

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"Ebb and Flow" as written by Chad Sexton Aaron Wills

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    General CommentOkay, so I can only scratch the surface on this song. I really think there is a deeper more specific topic at hand than what I can describe, but I can't crack the code, no 311 pun intended (lies. that was completely on purpose). Here we go. As a whole, I believe the song is talking about the struggles of life, the ups and downs, that what ebb and flow means, like the tides they rise and they come down, ebb and flow. The first verse reminds me of the movie "Blast from the Past" where they hide in the bomb shelter. I dont really know what 311 is specifically referring to, but it sounds like ppl waiting out a war or bomb threat. the second verse sounds more like a literal ebb and flow system, but it seems like a metaphor for the bigger picture of this song ( something in the ebb and flow process has gone wrong). The chorus, which I love, talks about the ups and downs of life. forward we crwal, backward we fall...SA's part seems pretty straight forward which is unusual bc he is normally deep with his lyrics and wisdom. the ending chorus intrigues me and I think this is where the real message comes in. The first line we are a part of this ebb and flow system (through the ebb and flow), the second line says beyond the ebb and flow so I think that line refers to us living in a dream world bc we dont see what is really happening in front of our eyes ( I think this song is political/anti- the us government- living in a dream wading through the stream beyond the ebb and flow)

    Anyways, thats my take, I wish someone could help me out there bc I am missing key pieces in the verses. I love this song. One of my favorites. The chorus hits me like the chorus in Eons does. So powerful with the dark/deep/heavy chords. One of my favorites off the new album. Cant stop listening to stereolithic. 311 is back full ride!!!!
    erod311on March 17, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about the current state of society. The opening verse is a general statement about how everyone in society is always wanting more, not doing anything, and just not being happy. I totally see the next part being about the BP oil spill ("The trial's been tried/ but the leaks still spilling/ they dont know what to do").

    The next part is obviously about how we have become a consumer society that buys stuff we don't need to be happy. Then when they talk about the "Moms and Pops" I think they're referring to these big corporations like Walmart that make it impossible for local, small businesses to succeed in today's society.

    When I hear "the kids just hide/ scared to go outside/ and who can blame them?" I think about all these horrendous school shootings that have taken over the past few years and how in today's society kids can't even go out to school and be safe.

    The part before the last chorus is referring to how in today's 24/7 news cycle, we hear about all these ills of society but we really don't feel the impact of them. Growing old with "hearts of stone" is saying how society is becoming desensitized. We see all this but we do NOTHING.

    Hence the chorus "Forward we fall, backward we crawl". We hear about how much we as humans are evolving and advancing, but in the end we are taking steps backwards, with the examples the song provides. And we know its happening, but we're more worried about "me" (consumerism) instead of fixing society as a whole. Definitely a more pessimistic/dark/deep song within the 311 spectrum.
    jamiroquai311on May 09, 2014   Link
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    General Comment I've heard that this song is a literal true story of the events that has happened to a guy named Cody Comeaux
    The Nazzon July 26, 2017   Link

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