I walked the steps of my father today
Walked till I froze and my face turned grey
And all of my fingers calloused and worn to the bone
And I felt like a child in a world full of men
Trying to capture that something again
Strong as an ox but slowly turning to stone

Walking away from this room dark and grey
Smoke hangs in clouds and the old echo plays

And the music is soft
And the voice is hushed
And the boy he has loved
And the man he has lost

And I walk out in the rain
All over again

I felt the touch of my mother today
Gently pushing me forward again
Closing my eyes but still feeling the way
And I'm clutching at fingers through crumples & creases
I came to my senses it cut me to pieces
'Cause I needed more but I was pulling away

Walking alone with these legs made of stone
I'm almost dry and I'm almost home

Where the photographs smile
And I'm still someone's child
And my place it is set
So I'll stay for a while

Till I walk out in the rain
Like water would stain
And I'm born all over again

Come, come, come, now

So I walk out in the rain
Like water would stain
And I'm born all over again
And I walk out in the rain

Lyrics submitted by AmberBell

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    General Comment

    I think it is about psychological modeling. We tend to become or try to follow on our role model's footsteps. Boys tend to look up at their dad and try to become like them because the dad is a male role model. But unfornately many men tend to hide their emotional side - it is almost a Tabu for many men to show their sensitive and feminine side! Musicians, artists and may I say most men, need to embrace this side of their character! It makes people feel human alive and 'home'. Passenger seems to be saying that he feels closer to 'home' when he thinks of his mum's attitude towards life ...and he prefers that than his dad's macho and manly attitude which makes him feel dark, grey and cold! Why are men so scared to show their feelings, cry and wear their heart on their sleeve? ...why should a boy feel different when he realizes that he is sensitive? ...it is liberating to find and accept yourself without thinking of stereotype gender identity! (...who's fault is it? ...the world? ...stereotypes? Media? Or maybe even women, cos as a friend once told me...can a woman handle a man crying?)

    Alfmusicon August 15, 2016   Link
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    General Comment

    I have a gut feeling that it is about the loss of his parents, and how the man in him is lost. How his parents are his guide and that the pain of their loss is making him stronger. But, I don't know. I would like to know the actual meaning, myself.

    AmberBellon March 02, 2014   Link
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    My Interpretation

    I think he sees himself as following in the same path of his father, but failing.

    TeamAvataron January 22, 2016   Link
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    My Interpretation

    He essentially is trying to be like his father (who is now dead) but he feels like he's not good enough and has a longing for his father. He realizes that there is no going back in the end -'And the boy he has loved, and the man he has lost'.

    His mother is also dead but he feels her presence, he hears his mother's voice motivating him to not give up.... but then he touches his mother's hand... and realizes that she's gone forever also, he wants to feel her love but he is too scared to face facts.

    He is nostalgic, he wishes he could rewind time to when he was young and both his parents were alive...he misses the good times.

    joshua-st.on February 08, 2017   Link

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