Black is...
Black is so terrible it's terrifying,
Black is a thousand black faces rioting and a million white faces asking:
"Oh my god, what do they want?"
Black is such a shock that it's electrifying,
Black is a beautiful sister walking past a [?] sign,
and watching the sign mentally ask itself:
"I thought I knew for sure, I thought I knew for sure that I was beautiful"
Black is so [?] to whole,
Black is the stain on the kitchen towel that Ajax cannot remove,
Black is us, young and old,
Black is an old wrinkled-face queen sitting on a porch while rocking away her last days, thinking of her grandchildren
Black is the old lady's grandchildren yelling "Revolution!" so that their grandmother would die free,
Black is misery,
Black is pain,
Black is marching in Alabama and getting nothing but rifle-butts on the brain and not defeated let you march for,
Black is digging John Coltrane,
John Coltrane as he blows, no not as he blows, but as he tells you of his life, which is the people's life, which is all our lives, Blow Trane blow!
Listen black people, listen to Trane as he blows away your life, just like white people blow away your life everyday.
Black is lovin' love one another,
Black is helping your sister and brother,
Black is the beginning and end of white,
Black is that which was first, until white stole it, raped it and imitated it, but it then regained its true self and got blacker and blacker and blacked out all whiteness.
Black is the darkest night, the darkest night that is coming, and there will be gunshots and white screams and black screems, and gunshots and black screams and white screams and gunshots and white screams and black screams, and no more screams,
the darkest night that will return into the peaceful day,
Black is everyone seeing the light, a light shining like a star from the east to lead us from the darkness of the west,
Black is having a goal for your plight,
put more meaning in everything you do,
more meaning and loving,
eating and living,
and there will be more meaning in you,
which means everything,
Black is the velvet of the midnight sky,
Black is so beautiful is makes you cry,
Black is short,
Black is tall,
Let me [?] that black is all.
But this, [?]
Are also found that black is mine.

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