"Sorry About Your Parents" as written by and Adam Michael Kronshagen Amy V Ariel Jump....
I'm sorry about your parents, they sound like bad people
Your daddy sounds like a jerk
I guess your mama didn't know the gift she got when she got you
I'm sorry about your life, you had it pretty rough
Bending over backwards, never good enough
You poor thing, it must suck to be you
And I know it's not your fault, it never is, is it?

I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds
It takes more than I have, pick fights with the past, I always lose
Oh, don't you know? that's no way to live
I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds

I get it, give me a little credit
I remember when I was that pathetic
Wear my scars on my sleeve, for all the world to see
Like look what they did to me quick, lay on the sympathy thick
You probably have the right to feel how you do
You were mistreated and cheated out of the childhood you needed
And now you'll never succeed if you're so convinced you're defeated
If you're obsessed with your yesterday then you're destined to repeat it
And I know it's not your fault, it never is, is it, is it, is it?

I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds
It takes more than I have, pick fights with the past, I always lose
Oh, don't you know? that's no way to live
I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds

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"Sorry About Your Parents" as written by Amy V Ariel Jump Adam Michael Kronshagen


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    My InterpretationI think the first verse is actually pretty sincere. I think the first verse is saying "Your childhood was rough. Your parents were jerks. And that's not your fault. You did everything you could at such a young age ("bending over backwards never good enough") and they were still jerks. It's not your fault your childhood was rough. You had some pretty serious wounds, whether they were literal or figurative."

    I think the chorus is where it starts to say "But, you can't change the past. I know, I've tried. You can't change or wish away the past. You can't keep dwelling on it or it will destroy you. I know you have wounds. I've been there. But you can't keep dwelling on them or you'll always lose the battle of trying to get better."

    The second verse, to me, is where it gets a little more harsh and realistic. It basically says "Look, I know what you've been through is rough and wallowing in other people's sympathy feels good, but you can't grow if you stay there. It's understandable that you're hurt. You were cheated by life out of having a good childhood, which is understandably a painful experience for you that you didn't deserve. But if you go around blaming other people for your problems and believing that you'll never get better, you won't go anywhere. If you convince yourself that life screwed you over and, as such, you can't move on, you will be doomed to stay in this screwed up cycle. You can tell people the way you are isn't your fault, but from here on you do have a choice."
    FanGirlingon September 06, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI Think It's Saying That, If You Blame Other People For Every Wrong Thing In Your Life, That You're Never Gonna Grow Up And Learn How To Deal With Life, And That Life Is Rough, But That You Need To Not Let All Your Horrible Experiences And Sad Memories Of Your Childhood Make You Fragile. And If People Don't See Or Appreciate The Things You 'Bend Backwords For' You Don't Feel Worth It. But,The More You Make It Seem Worse Than It Is, The More You Make Everyday Just Like The One Before. Because You Aren't Putting Effort To Change It. And When You Depend On People For Their Sympathy, It Becomes 'Pathetic'. So I Feel It's Saying That, Don't Let The Scars, The Past, The Horrible Situation You May Be In, Define You. Look At What You're Going To Accomplish In Life, Rather Than Live In The Past. And Don't Look At People For Sympathy, Or Make It Seem Worse Than It Is, Because That Makes You Seem Really 'Pathetic' And Needy.
    Coralaceon January 31, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the first part is saying your parents are probably bad, you’ve tried to appease the people around you but it’s never good enough. I know your issues aren’t your fault. But then again they never seem to be your fault they’re always someone else’s right?

    You pretend like I don’t know what it’s like I do I know what It’s like staring at the ceiling at night unable to sleep because of the crushing reality around you. To have the feeling that you’ll never break free, even as much as you’ll fight to break free it still pulls you back. Being told this isn’t how your suppose to live. But this isn’t all I know.

    I hurt my self before, as in an effort to make them see what they’re doing to me. It doesn’t work. You have every right to feel like you do you weren’t given the childhood you deserved. But that doesn’t mean thats then end you aren’t defeated. Stop obbessing with your past. It only makes you worse you’re letting them win.

    I think she’s calling them out for not taking credit for their mistakes when clearly they are just as much at fault as their horrible parent. But that you need to Move on and prove them wrong.
    Linktlhon March 04, 2018   Link

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