I'll have to leaveJust as soon as the colors begin to fade I'll run away
Before lying to you becomes natural
What I had in mind was
What you held against me
Give me the keys
And I'll drive you insane, take apart your brain
If you ever loved me

Never satisfied
Or just never coming back

Stay away from me
No, prep him for the ghost,
Let him see the ghost,
Let it in and come to terms (with)
What would have, could have been

Prep him for the weight
Let him see the fate
Fracturing relationships
And isolation
Do you wanna get mad about...All your feelings won't change the world
Do you wanna get mad about... Saying nothing, being nothing, be with someone else
Before you decide that this is dated
Take me out of the equation
What was it that you most hated
(I think) all the time that you spent waiting

When the stomach becomes the mouth and its spewing all its garbage out
To think before speaking would prevent you from the point your making

The slew of trails towards destiny, the perfect day to quit
The slew of trails in reverie, bite my crooked shape

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Doom & Gloom song meanings
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    My InterpretationThis seems like one of the more coherent songs DGD has put out on any of their albums. It's pretty clear that it's about someone who is set in their ways, emotionally, but they're still haunted by the past failures they've had in relationships. It's a voluntary torture they're doing to themselves, though, since they are in isolation and "prepping for the ghost" (mistakes) that will haunt them as long as they are this way. Absolutely amazing.
    yrsbrnon November 03, 2013   Link
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    General CommentOk, Am I the only one who's noticed that 2.38 - 3.35 is the exact same (ooooh) vocal melody on the exact same chord sequence as Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop?
    It's just in a different key ;)
    SomeDeadGuyon July 14, 2014   Link

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