"Astro-Mancy" as written by and Ben ; Goldwasser Andrew Vanwyngarden....
My green silken river and two lights
I could almost touch the free walls
When we were evicted from the heavens,
Fast clouded-over bumbling eyes
Now peering out through a sinking
Cosmic smile, reversed completely
Flaming currents forced us to surface,
Wet purple gowns and blaring alarms
All for some milky perversion,
Nothing the spooks wouldn't be used to
Spoiled by an empty fear of violence,
The only time I've ever been dropped

The minute the mirror turned its back to me
My distinct conviction of keeping
Eternal sources piled somewhere familiar
Was compromised and tangled in knots
For all I know we were sleeping,
Arranged like Fate's vain infantry,
Stacked in unconscious opposition,
Blind and happy for tomorrow.

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"Astro-Mancy" as written by Benjamin Nicholas Huner Goldwasser Andrew Wells Vanwyngarden

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    My InterpretationI think that this song and the whole album can be summed up by the last verse of this song.

    MGMT says that when "the mirror turned it's back on me, my distinct conviction of keeping eternal sources piled somewhat familiar was compromised." This means that when he started to really question life, the "bigger life questions" whether that's religion or existence or whatever), began to go from a simple question to life-changing and unknown ideas. He then says that "for all I know, we were sleeping...blind and happy for tomorrow" saying that he might just know be waking up to this new world view.

    Could be completely wrong, but that's what I get, especially because this whole album seems to be questioning life, morality and existential ideas.
    truebeat39on May 21, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song in my open opinion is about Andrew Vanwyngarden and maybe experiences and realizations he's had with astral projecting and out of body experiences, it's cool to think that he's gone so far out in his mind. He could be astral projecting and talking to spirits in this world and coming back into his body and writing songs about it. Apparently through astral projection you can cross astral planes, leave this world, go to space, go anywhere as a soul. I only say this because I don't think Ben has anything to do with the lyrics but more so the sound and the music. They haven't really been as camera friendly, interview wise since this new album was released, like they used to be, because I think if people asked them what they were writing about, the boys would have no similarities to share, no one in the media would understand, but their real fans understand perfectly. These two guys are evolving their consciousness in ways no one can describe and that is what this whole self-titled album is saying
    livinlife94on November 19, 2013   Link

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