He won't make love to me now
Not now, I've set the fee
He said it's too much in pounds
I guess I'm stuck with me

He told me I was so small
I told him, "Water me"
I promise I can grow tall
When making love is free

He won't make love to me now
Not now, I've set the fee
He said it's too much in pounds
I guess I'm stuck with me

He told me I was so small
I told him, water me

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Water Me Lyrics as written by Tahliah Barnett Alejandro Ghersi

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    General CommentI think this song is about an undefined relationship. She told him that she wants more than a sexual relationship and now he doesn't want to be involved with her anymore, sexual or otherwise. I interpret the part about being small and water me to be resulting from an argument; she challenges him to help her grow as a person.
    eysaatheon December 27, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningI agree with eysaatheon, I think the song is about a relationship between people.

    The person speaking (she) wants more from their sexual relationship and so she sets her "fee" which is demanding something more than sexual relationship or it's their current relationship is over. He then tells her that that's too much weight on their current relationship (she uses "pounds" as a simile for heavy thing she's asking from him). "I guess I'm stuck with me" seems to be could be either a thought but more so something she says to him in retort which causes him to defensively calls her "small" (small minded, pity). And so, her comeback to him is "Water me. I promise I can grow tall. When making love is free". Mean if he nourishing her/their relationship she'll grow more mentally and emotionally and that she won't have to play these games if he just accepts her wager - by watering her and then their loving/sex won't have a mental/emotional fee for her/him because it will be free.

    IDK Those are just my thoughts when I hear it.
    rabbitheartedkidon July 07, 2014   Link
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    My Interpretationeyesatthe, I agree, that this song could be about a relationship left in abeyance. She says, that making love always comes along with a price. In general, to open up to someone else is going out on a limb and demanding a response. If the counterpart stays barred, If this fee isn't paid, there is a disbalance. It's not that important, what she claims from him, it's crucial that he isn't willing to offer it. The fee could be a confession or just a word of loyalty. It is possible, that he misunderstands her demand, as he sees her claim, which isn't defined, as a bare payment of pounds. He patronizes her (you are so small), whereas she wants to be watered by him This is a strong metaphor for the readiness to grow, but this call comes along with a strong dependence (without him, she will wither). But the dilemma is completed in the two singular lines: She can only grow, when making love would be free, but it isn't.
    All of these aspects are my personal interpretations, but one's for sure:
    This is a really beautiful way to suffer.
    Porzellanon February 06, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI swear no matter how many times k listen to this I don't hear 'in pounds' I hear 'empowerment.' Even with the 't' at the end. But I can't find any official lyrics.
    Kyouron October 18, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI feel like this is about not being able to get what you need in a relationship to grow as a person. The girl in the song seems like they really need validation from the other person and feels like they're not worth the other person's time.

    "He won't make love to me now
    Not now, I've set the fee
    He said it's too much in pounds
    I guess I'm stuck with me"
    --He doesn't think she's worth the effort of having a relationship with her, even if she's willing to have a sexual relationship.

    "He told me I was so small
    I told him "Water me
    I promise I can grow tall
    When making love is free"
    --He told her she wasn't important to him (when something is small to you, it's insignificant to you) so she says "give me what I need from this relationship, and I promise I can turn into the person you want me to be."

    The guy wants an easy relationship, one that doesn't require much from him, one that is easily gratifying for him, and he's not willing to put in the effort for the girl. She seems like she doesn't have that self validation of being good enough, so she seeks it from him, and he only makes her feel even less important than she already does.
    sOsiNgsOngon July 15, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationAbout a potted plant in a man's house that needs some serious attention special expensive fertilizers and plant food. He decides to stop taking care of the plant and just let it die because to bring it back to a healthy state would require too much work.
    durdeejurseeon April 10, 2018   Link
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    My InterpretationAfter listening to this a couple times, I think this song is in the voice a child prostitute talking to her "client". The whole bit about her being "so small" and "growing tall when making love is free" seems to me, to mean that if she was older, it would be legal to have sex with her. It's just one of the meanings running in my head.

    Interesting lyrics and sick tune!
    mmmildaon December 21, 2013   Link

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