Helen of Troy, Is that your name?
Stupid girl, Stupid game
Helen of Troy, Far away
Are you happy now? There to stay

Because I, Cannot cry, Ever again

Helen of Troy, Black and white
Cries all day, and cries all night
Helen of Troy, you got so strong
Does that make you right and make me wrong?

Because I, Cannot cry, Ever again

Helen of Troy, broken down
There's bits of you all over town
Helen of Troy, suicide, virgin Mary and martyr bride

Because I, Cannot cry, Ever again

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    My InterpretationHelen of Troy was known as the most beautiful woman of her era, (said to be the daughter of Zeus and Leda.) She had "the face that sailed a thousand ships;" when she was abducted by Troy, the Greeks and their allies sailed into battle to get her back. She was quite a tragic figure--she was rather whimsical in her love choices--alienating practically everyone in the process. There are legends that she gloried in the bloodshed on her behalf, and that both the Greeks and the Trojans despised her and wanted her dead by the end of the war. So, despite the personal familiarity of the singer with her--as if he feels strongly about her choices ("I, cannot cry, ever again,") the song might seem to be a direct commentary on her... until the end of the song--where it departs from the legends about the historical Helen of Troy. Helen died of old age with her husband, King Menelaus. And she wasn't a virgin nor ever a martyr bride. So there is a better translation of the song...
    "Helen of Troy" is a name given to any woman who seems to follow in Helen's footsteps, (I understand that to be rather common in Europe.) So I believe that the song is about a modern girl who has acted like Helen of Troy, and is fated to suffer like Helen did, (rejection by everyone around her,) and succumbs to suicide as a result.
    cary109169on September 08, 2017   Link

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