"Supersoaker" as written by and Jared Followill Caleb Followill....
My motivation is going to soon, good vibrations all over you,
Act like you mean it, you mean it,
You gotta story you never tell, down in the delta ringing bells,
I've never seen it, seen it
Back of my mind I'm on my way, I see through smiles on every face
I don't believe it, believe it

Cause' I'm a Supersoaker red and white and blew 'em all away
With the kisses unclean as the words that you say
I don't mind sentimental girls at times
Miss don't walk away, walk away

The flags are flying across the plains
I got a secret picking in my brain
I wanna see you, see you
Yes, the sign is on my face
Don't know my home, I don't know my place
I just wanna be there, be there

'Cause I'm the Supersoaker, red white and blew 'em all away
With the kisses unclean as the words that you say

I don't mind sentimental girls at times
Miss don't walk away, walk away
I don't mind sentimental girls at times
Miss don't walk away, whoa oh oh

I don't mind sentimental girls at times
I just lay it on the line, on the line

I don't mind sentimental girls at times
Miss don't walk away, walk away
I don't mind sentimental girls at times
Miss don't walk away, oh oh oh oh

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"Supersoaker" as written by Jared Followill Caleb Followill

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    My InterpretationPretty sure this song is a subvertation (not really a word but don't know another way to put it) of their old/early songs that were mostly about - sex, drugs, hookers, etc. This one on the other hand says, yeah, I am still into those things, but I don't mind being a little more grown up either (don't mind sentimental girls - not just the f**k em and leave em type) - aka, yeah those early songs were fun and great but that was a different time in my life, I'm a bit older and more mature now so I can't just go around f**king tons of girls and singing about it all the time, although I know you liked those songs a lot).

    Also, musically, this song sounds like them playing a 10 year old song of theirs, but as you'd expect, it's a little more clean and polished.
    rfrippon September 18, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationObviously at the time of this posting this is the only confirmed song from MB, but the lyrics in this song seem perfect in my opinion for KOL's and Caleb's comeback. This is very much a song about dealing with the cynicism and trying to please everyone, isolating yourself and abandoning your roots in the process. The "Super Soaker" represents fighting back, and the "red, white, and blue" is likely and optimistically symbolic of the band's return to being themselves without the obligation to apologize or care about what anybody says; because they're all liars at their core with hidden agendas (see "Act like you mean it" and "I don't believe it"). The "sentimental girls" line is still unclear to me but "miss don't walk away", or mister walk away" seem like a serious contemplative struggle to just quit and leave everything behind. If you're not familiar with what caused their hiatus this analysis may make less sense, but its certainly a coming of age for a band that has been polarized and scorned for what the masses believe was reinventing themselves to gain popularity instead of maintaining their unique sound and persona that achieved their initial following.
    colterangelon July 18, 2013   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionI think it's Miss don't walk away not Mr. Walk Away. Like I'm 99 % sure, actually.
    takari28on August 10, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI think, with the video in mind, that the "Super Soaker" title is kind of self explanatory. i think this whole song is just as sexual as it gets. i guess you gotta have an open mind :). think the lyrics through as if you were a "Super Soaker" and everything will make sense.
    zickenson September 11, 2013   Link
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    General CommentDef agree with colterangel... pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    and to me the line "i don't mind sentimental girls at time, miss dont walk away" is Caleb speaking directly to the fans circa 2003/2004 who supported KOL's early music but became less supportive with their increasing popularity.
    I'd like to think of that line as KOL making peace with the fact that they can't please everyone (most important of all... the fans who were there from the beginning) and saying... "we understand if you're upset but hope we don't lose you as a fan... so you can enjoy our new music"

    and lemme just state for the record that i fuckn love KOL man. in middle school i remember listening to led zeppelin nonstop wishing i couldve lived back then and gone to their concerts. being Generation Y we didnt get to experience rock n roll like they did in the 60s and 70s. but following KOL and going to their concerts has been the next best thing to me
    goodwinteron September 16, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionThe lyrics in the booklet say: "Mr Walker away, walker away" Which I'm assuming is a reference to Johnnie Walker whiskey.
    ForgottenFoxon September 24, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationHeard the lyrics wrong, but wish the chorus went like this instead......

    I dont mind, silly little girls at times,
    I just walk away, walk away.

    That would have been perfect for a relationship I'm going through. But turns out the lyrics are much more complicated than that, what a shame.
    philip1025on September 11, 2014   Link
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    My OpinionI beleve this song is about cynism. I do not know much about the situation of the band but under the context of the song talks about honesty with oneself in front of a situation (romantical?) with a girl and also dealing with the fact that indeed: you can not please anyone!
    Dunesnakeon March 08, 2014   Link

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