"For The Singer Of R. E. M." as written by and Watt....
Here's a version of tradition you can put in your drawer
In the desk where next to your chair's the handle to your door
Dismantle the door handle, put the parts into your desk drawer
Say some words then make a sign, now open up the drawer:
The drawer can't tell you more
Than to deal with the door

Now you object to objects actually meaning more
Than some pathetic, lame aesthetic stolling rone is famous for
Push the drawer closed, grab a firehose, point it at the door
Get it all wet, remember, forget what rock & roll is for
The drawer can't tell you more
Than to deal with the door

Now you're fishing for a mission way beyond the door
First you dream, next you're scheming, searching through your drawer
For an oar for your trip bound for yet uncharted shores
Over-reaching, find me spieling, cataloging doors
The door's a symbol for
These objects in your drawer

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"For the Singer of R.E.M." as written by Watt


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For the Singer of R.E.M. song meanings
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    Link(s)Found the following on this site: varmintcong.com/…

    Seems like a great interview but I haven't read it all yet. Seems like the song was written in the style of early Stipe lyrics, I'm thinking of "Life and How to Live It" in particular for some reason.

    Jeff: Alright. What's with (firehose's song) Song for the Singer in REM?
    Watt: I wrote that for the singer of REM. Now I didn't say Mike Stipe … on purpose ya know.
    Jeff: Yeah cause when you guys were here last time Ed told us that Michael Stipe inspired him to play guitar. He said that when he saw the Minutemen play with REM, he talked to Michael Stipe, and Michael Stipe said he had a good face to be in a band.
    Watt: Well, Ed's kinda weird that way. I wouldn't, believe me, nobody ever told me I had a good face, that's why I played the bass. I knew I wasn't gonna make it on the face. I knew D. Boon, well D. Boon knew he wasn't gonna make it on the face. We both knew we weren't gonna make it on the face. Mike Stipe-we didn't even know what REM sounded like, man. We get this phone call, “You wanna tour, open up for us, homes?" And uh … so we buy a record and see what they sounded like (laughs). 'Cause we'd read about ‘em, but I never heard ‘em. Anyway, so we go and … the crew, no one wanted us on the tour. The only reason we were there is cause the REM guys really like the Minutemen. And we couldn't really figure, ya know, listening to ‘em, we couldn't figure what they liked about us. But the main point was that they liked us, sorta like Edfromohio, ya know, him likin' U2 and all these bands I don't even know of, some reason he wanted to come play with Watt, ya know. I tell ya, I couldn'ta moved out to Ohio to start a band, no fuckin' way. OK, so, me writin' that song for Michael Stipe, the man came to a gig in Athens-firehose with Edward. And of course Edward came over there and wanted to talk with him and stuff, but Michael … See, I don't know if you remember but I burned up in a fire. Do you remember last tour? Cause I was healthy by that time, but my whole head … oh no I wasn't in Florida. My head caught fire, this tour I'm talking about, when we were in Athens, (the) day before the tour my Volkswagen blows up in my face, and I'm all burned up. So, Mike Stipe's there and he gave me some stuff, some comfi, aloe, my whole nose and ear and face all burned, see, no scars, from that stuff he gave me. He goes, “Watt, I'm gonna come out in the spring of '88 and I wanna write songs with you." So I just wrote him a song ahead of time. No, usually I don't start with a title, like here's a song for the singer in REM, but that's the way I did that one.
    Jeff: Have you heard from him yet?
    Watt: No (laughs). But I have nothing but fatherly respect for Michael Stipe. Seriously, I think he's a regular dude. Ya know, I'd write my wife letters and he'd write little pictures on the outside of the envelopes and, he was a neat guy, man. His dad was military I think, an officer, but my dad was a chief. So in some ways we're kinda common. He don't work nothin', it'd be hard to be a singer, what do you do in the solo, ya know? Maybe that's why REM don't have many solos (laughs). What do you do? Twirl the mike like (Roger) Daltrey?
    haywireon June 23, 2013   Link

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