I was carving my name out
Of a giant sequoia tree
I was blind to its beauty
Now its all I can see

See I've learned how to listen
To the folks on TV
They are passing a message
That means nothing to me

My vertebrate evolution
Easy as ABC
Baby steps from the ocean
Feather trails to the sea
Paddlefish to salamander
Honeybee to atrophy
I guess I'm losing my trail here
But it takes loss to be free

Now I work in a nightclub
At the Burj Khalifa
And I'm blind to its beauty
But it aint all that I have

So I'm passing a message
Like the folks on TV
Guess I'm getting the words out
But they don't come from me

Paddlefish to salamander
Little girl to atrophy
I guess we're losing our trail here
But it takes loss to be free

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    My InterpretationI really like this song, particularly the sense of tension and the interesting imagery, but the meaning as a whole is not easy. One of the things he appears to be saying is that losing normal literal sense or a linear mindset gives you freedom, and that freedom of expression may make what he says more meaningful than a factual pronouncement by a TV presenter, and I think the reference to atrophy being at the end of the evolution chain is likely to cross-refer to the TV comments.

    I think the words about the animals and the sequoia tree conjure up his wonder and amazement at the extraordinariness of evolution ("easy as ABC" is being sarcastic) and nature.

    The Burj Khalifa is in Dubai and is apparently the tallest building in the world according to Wikipedia. Maybe he is comparing this man-made structure unfavourably to the wonders of the sequoia tree - though he does make it sound rather exotic.

    Maybe the overall meaning of the song is: the amazing wonders of nature and being freed from literal sense - good, the blandness of TV and artificiality and coldness of modern buildings - bad.
    finnegan63on February 03, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningI think it's a good idea to post this here:

    "That particular song is a sort of inner monologue which is happening inside the head of a waitress in a nightclub in the Burj Khalifa as she finds an escape route through the caverns of her soul and dreams of her childhood and of the childhood of the human race in general. It’s about the liberating power of self-education." - Villagers
    rafaelluikon July 08, 2013   Link

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