I know this girl I grew up with as a kid,
The delicate type, in school didn't fit,
All the boys in her class acted arrogant,
When they made their advance she would pass on it,
When asked about her dad she would change the subject,
"I don't like to speak about it", she said. "No comment",
Hung with a small group of girls but had no best friend,
When it came to lunchtime she would pretend,
That she'd already eaten but that was a lie,
After school sometimes she'd go home and cry,
She hated her life, at least that's what she told me,
She said "I feel so alone & no one knows me"
She never left the house so her friends stopped calling,
She spent all of her nights on her laptop, trawling,
Started talkin to this guy on msn,
He was a couple years older than her but he began,
To fill her inbox with flattering compliments,
Started to build up on her battered out confidence,
A few weeks passed and they made plans,
Then they met outside selfidges, hugged & held hands

Lately when I look in to your eyes... eyes...
You're the only one I need in my life!
Baby I just don't know how to describe,
How lovely you make me feel inside,
You give me...

"Butterflies in my tummy, I think I love you,
I can't believe how much we really have in common,
It's crazy to me cuz I never thought I'd trust a guy,
But honestly baby for you I would die,"
She was infatuated with him, head over heals,
If he'd told her that he could stop time she would believe,
They went back to her house, and sat on her couch,
He rans his fingers through her hair as his lips met her mouth,
She was completely obsessed and madly in love,
So when he opened up her dress and started to rub,
She duly obliged and met his hands with a smile,
Longing to feel the passion that she'd read on his profile,
Her mum wasn't home so upstairs they ventured,
He said I'll take care of you baby I'll be gentle,
Babe I know you're still a virgin but I won't hurt you,
I even brought a condom, so we can play careful

"You give me butterflies hunny... wait where did you go?"
She says as she wakes up in her bedroom alone,
Lies back against her pillow and stares up at the ceiling,
Trynna comprehend all the things that she's feeling,
She puts her pants on, goes down and scours the house,
Love drunk and wide eyed, big smile on her mouth,
Lookin for the man who made her hearts religion devout,
But he's nowhere to be found so I guess he went out,
She waits up all night for him on msn,
On facebook it seems like he's removed her from friends,
It breaks her heart cuz it feels like he doesn't care,
That she gave him her innocence now he's not there,
She wonders why the guy she trusted would just disappear,
Locks herself in her room and cries so many tears,
Her Bible said the heart is wicked and it tells lies,
I guess she's learnt to never listen to them butterflies.

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