Keep on chewing till my weight goes up
Mastication is the word i'm thinking of

Tummy's grumbling louder than a thousand thunder storms
stuck on a college campus while I rummage through your dorms
cant even afford to have an eating disorder
poorer than horders unsure like "sorta" mumbling into a tape recorder

I was overly depressed, and i had been that way for a while
but instead of shooting my chest in, the issues been fully addressed
Couldn't afford to by groceries
so instead, took courses in sourcery (HOOD)
greedy crook only worried about feeding, no other outlook

PArdon me, but i devour 12 pounds worth of meat in less than hour
gobbling up every vessel and artery backed up like the eisenhower

thinking healthys not for me
my heart just skipped a beat it's
malnourished and depleted
stomachs unstable but i'm unable to feed it

warning labels aren't to hard to read
but dont even bother me with serving sizes or sections
dont chew just swallow leaving no time to breath
no instructions just eat what's headin my direction

I confess,
that instead of catching my breath
I shovel down what was left,
in my distress to sooth my stress

as long as its edible

as long as its dead i will,

as long as i'm fed i fill up allergans on benadryl
tip toe like piccolo trills in symphonic arangements
tips thrown off quicker than subsonic drill bits in the pavement

Keep on chewing till my weight goes up
Mastication is the word i'm thinking of

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