[Verse 1: Terrace Martin]
Hello queen, how you doin' boo? My day is fine
I couldn't help but notice you with them pretty eyes
Pretty eyes, pretty smile makes a pretty face
Smart woman, sweet spirit makes a fun chase
And if you didn't know; you are a star
Like my momma said most women are
See you the back palm of the whole thang
Bless is dripping off ya, like a drop of rain
Plus you know the words so you know what love is
Bring it through Corinthians all the way to Galatians
Bring it through Galatians all the way to Ephesians
Hopin' that ya feelin' this, every man needs this
And that's the truth
From my heart to the pen to the mic to the booth
So full from ya spirit, plus ya stomach too
Shine bright like the sun; that's the makings of you, boo

These are, the makings of you, of you
You are my dream come true
So these are, the makings of you, of you
You are my dream come true
So these are the makings of you
You are my dream come true

[Verse 2: OverDoz.]
She be waking up in fog still out in the morning to walk to work
No bra, T-shirt, jeans; I bet them feet hurt
My thesis states we are working for each other
You find a decent man when you find a decent woman
It's crazy how my decisions affect the life we choose
So I gotta strive to be a better man creating a better you
And I know it gets hard and I know it get dark
But keep at it baby doll, night's the only time you see the stars

And I done put you through some pain I can see the scars
Back and forth this who we are
Them lies you be telling and I ain't trippin'
I be doing my dirt to boo but when I hear I don't kiss them, I promise
My partner saying that ain't cool but thats the smell of your perfume
It's got me up to you and when I can I'mma show what you worth too
A chick that understands who I am too plus I like the way you dance boo
Your so beautiful man dont let nobody pinch me your a dream come true


[Verse 3: Kurupt]
From the day you was born I was like wow
Incredible love child the makings the birth
Everything that I was wishing you were
You are shining like the moon sun and the stars
Glamorous inception of selection of my intellection
The reception that I'm feeling inside indescribable
How could I describe you?
Me; because that is all that I see

[Terrace Martin]
You don't even need make-up, brain like a scientist
Strength of a lioness, pride of the black fist
Sweet like a hershey kiss
We on top of the world and we're in total bliss
See it's lot of you that makes up a lot of me
That makes me feel like I gotta be truthful, humble
Love God too
That's the makings of me and that's the makings of you


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