"Hurricane" as written by and Elizabeth Plapinger Alexander Max Hershenow....
Didn't know what this would be
But I knew I didn't see
What you thought you saw in me
I jumped the gun
So sure you'd split and run
Ready for the worst
Before the damage was done

Oh ho oh ho oh ho oh

The storm never came
Or it never was
Didn't know getting lost in the blue
It meant I wound up losing you

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind
So dark and foul I can't disguise
Can't disguise
Nights like this
I become afraid
Of the darkness in my heart

Oh ho oh ho

What's wrong with me
Why not understand and see
I never saw
What you saw in me
Keep my eyes open
My lips sealed
My heart closed
And my ears peeled

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind
So dark and foul I can't disguise
Can't disguise
Nights like this
I become afraid
Of the darkness in my heart

Make ash and leave the dust behind
Lady Diamond in the sky
Wild light
Glowing bright
To guide me when I fall
I fall on tragedy

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind
So dark and foul I can't disguise
Can't disguise
Nights like this
I become afraid
Of the darkness in my heart

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"Hurricane" as written by Elizabeth Plapinger Alexander Max Hershenow

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    Song MeaningI relate to this song so much right now so I know exactly what these lyrics mean.

    Even when she's in a great relationship with someone, she still expects something bad to happen. She's constantly waiting for a hurricane but the hurricane is actually herself. Her constant worry pushes people away, so she ends up sabotaging her own life.

    I have this problem.
    griggj12on September 07, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThere are no words for how much I relate to this song. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and relationships are really hard for me because of it. I've had so many people leave in my life, that my BPD naturally pushes the fright of abandonment. With regards to the song, it's better to jump ship before the ship sinks. Why waste time in a relationship that may crumble... even though it could be the best in your life. Low self esteem over powering the compliments left by the other person.
    FaerieBeriion February 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think it's sort of like her disclaimer, like her warning label, she is telling everyone that wants to know, that she can't and won't ever be what they want her to be.

    she has a side to her that's dark and twisted, depression maybe idono but something that she can't change. it's a part of her. and I feel like even though she maybe be watching he life go up in flames, she's not sorry. because she warned them. instead she welcomes them to be in the darkness with her.

    I kind of like the fact that she's content with her problems.
    "why not understand and see I never saw what you saw in me"
    she knows what she is and asks everyone to just accept it. she seems like she is numb, she's just used to the loss and people leaving. it's just another day. welcome to it.

    to me, this isn't a sad song about a lost relationship. this is her anthem. her disclaimer to whoever crosses her path, that she is trouble and she doesn't give a f*** what anyone thinks.

    I love this song
    musiclover2192on April 13, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song speaks about a past possible love that has foreseen the future events of this person who seem to did not know herself(the singer).That person saw the potential in her, her limits and now this person( her the singer) seem to never manage her relationship or relationships or her other intimate life affairs that she is having seemingly perfect.Now she acts just as she ungrateful of her life as she did not want this...PS It happened to me too, all things in my life to seem working perfect but not perfect in a way we don't understand. This has to do with Murphy's Laws: If something is working somewhere, somewhere else might not work. And I think SHE was thinking at that exact person who knew her prior to her perfect RELATIONSHIPS and she is intentionaly is doing all wrong or will do all wrong.
    zeroZon August 20, 2013   Link
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    General CommentSuch a great song.

    I interpret the lyrics to mean that she can't keep herself from sabotaging her relationships; that even when they're going well, she expects that "hurricane" to blow it apart.
    sharkycharmingon August 07, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningThis isn't one of those songs that needs to be figured out, very obvious. I had a girlfriend that had BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and she did just what the song says... cut and run before the damage is done.

    For those that might have this, there is help out there. It will take a ton of work but you can get better and start to understand the world is not how you see it to be.
    JDC2011on July 02, 2014   Link
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    General CommentTo me, this song is about a woman who has been hurt so many times in the past, that she is now cynical and believes it will always be the same. Even if she meets someone perfect for her, she is going to be waiting for the other shoe to drop and waiting for the other person to fail her, which is really sad. She even becomes her own worst enemy pushing away the good that does find her in life. I used to do this when I was younger because I had too many exes that were an endless parade of the last guy before him. When I met my husband I assumed he was like the rest though deep down I hoped and prayed for something different. There were struggles in the beginning and I was always worried when it was finally going to end. Even though I did things to sabotage it, he still never left me, and in time that changed me. There is hope.
    altamber8on August 25, 2017   Link

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