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[Verse 1: Andrew]
Oh my god, what do I hear?
Ain't heard nothing like it in a million years
Hard as fuck, my oh my
Gonna take this whole game, blow it to the fucking sky
To the fucking sky? Fucking in the sky
Join the fucking club, we're a mile high
So far up, don't look down
Look at all your options, I'm the best around
Hey girl, what you think I'm in here for?
Just to pop a bottle and blow some indo smoke?
I know you're trying to say that you ain't been no ho
But I'm gonna try to get it in cause you're a 10, no joke
Girl I swear that you were like the finest girl I ever saw
Seen a lot of girls but no one ever gave me heavy jaw
When you drop it to the floor, you make me drop it to the floor
When I get a little taste, I wanna get a little more
I swear you're fine like Egyptian sheets
Fresh off the vine, I know you're sickly sweet
I wanna make you mine, I wanna kiss your feet
It's time to introduce you to Mr. Meat
Let's retreat to some privacy
Cause we're gonna have one hell of a time, you see
It's time to work, I better clock in
Get the job done, and get the bed to rockin'

[Verse 2: Dean]
Hey girl, whatcha gonna do
When I come at you dick hard and balls blue?
All I really wanna do is share my goo
On a hot bitch's face, so how about you?
Pikachu, I choose you
To be the pot in which I cook my stew
Put a baby in the oven but it's all on you
I can't be a dad, got living to do
But bitch you should be honored
That your cervix just got clobbered
And girl you should be thankful
That your love-hole I did make full
And I think I deserve some payment
For the way I filled your anus
But you act like I did you no favors
So for you no 31 flavors

[Verse 3: Travis]
These bonafide bitches need a boner ride, bitches
Throwing them a curveball but they always catch my pitches
Yeah I may be a pro but I'll still play Bush League
Before the game starts, put your pads on both knees
Fiending for my nuts like a ravenous squirrel
Cause we all know balls and bats rule the fucking world
Home plate, am I safe? You must be joking, ha
Of course I'm not safe; ooh baby, I like it raw
When it comes to pussy, my dick is like catnip
Just one whiff and girls go crazy for that shit
Girl you need this dick, so stop talking to that prick
It's like I spilled oil cause I know that I'm that slick
Always begging to bump crotch; did I mention
That these girls are addicted, man? They need an intervention
But I won't give it to them cause I love the attention
So we always get together man, there ain't no contention
That's all I've gotta say so I guess in summary:
I need you to remove your dungarees
I'm hungry as a hippo and I know you've been drinking
Cause why else would you wear those? What were you thinking?
Cause I'm thinking about you and girl nothing else
So let's go back to my place and remove our belts
And remove our pants and remove our shirts
Now that we ate out, we'll have our just desserts

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