She loves him
But she doesn't want him
She used to burn for him
But now that's changed
She knows he knows
And she says it isn't so
What else can she say?
But when he reaches out
She turns away.

When he talks about it
She says he's cruel
So he apologises
Counts his blessings
What else can he do?
She used to gaze at him
Reach out with her toes to touch him
She still loves him
But she doesn't want him

And in her eyes, he's so much less
Than the light heart she met
The laughing boy she used to know

He feels ugly now,
And the ugliness, creeps around inside him
Until he really is.
The animal paws at him, gnaws at him
The silver-back wins over him

And in his pain, and bitter shame, he resents her.
The one who loves him

They said they'd never lie
They'd learned their lessons from the last times
They said that they could talk
They could always talk
Deceit stirs in them now
For reasons good as well as bad

But he wants so much
Not to live another lie
To be free and high again

Trying to see the blue sky above the rain
Trying to see the blue sky above the rain
Remembering the blue sky above the pouring rain
He's trying to see the blue sky above the rain

He's flown there and he's seen it,
Been up there lighter than air, floating in the miracle
But he can't fly until she wants him
He can't burn until she sparks him
He's dressed in lead from toe to head

Trying to see the blue sky above the rain
Remembering the blue sky above the rain

Maybe they'll talk
Soul to soul head to head heart to heart eye to eye
Rise up to that blue space above the clouds
Where troubles die
And tears dry
Heading West and climbing
In that place the sun never stops shining

The rain's below us.

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    General CommentI am a lifelong Marillion fan and eagerly awaited their latest CD release "Sounds That Can't Be Made". I was not disappointed. In fact at the moment I think this is their greatest work to date, even topping the incredible "Brave".
    However, I cannot listen to this hurts so much. Damn you Steve H for your fantastic lyrics and the rest of you for such beautiful music!
    You see, this resonates so deeply with me in that I have fallen out of love with my wife of over 30 years and recently fallen deeply in love with another woman.
    The melody has been stuck in my head for weeks now, the words are so true to my situation, they are almost chilling.
    I am cying inside all the time.
    This is beautiful music and Marillion are the best band in the world......and I am so in love with my woman.
    feyd600on October 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentJust about seeing the sky above the rain. My great love failed as she wouldn't commit and I ended up heartbroken. However, I am getting on with my life now. Thank you for your interest. X
    feyd600on April 24, 2016   Link

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