"Panopticon" as written by and William Patrick Corgan....
Rise! Love is here
Oh don't make me wonder
Life's never clear where choice is a gift
To use and abuse
To build on proof
Oh don't make me suffer
Birds find the wind and wing
Rest in the shells I've designed
Run through the fields I've denied
And stroll upon the years I'm alive

There's a sun that shines in
There's a world that stares out at me
And all I refuse to please

Breathe! Love is air
Oh don't make me suffer
To dash debonair where chaste is the wish
To bust with pain
A heart goes blank
Oh don't make me wonder
To ask on behalf of you
Of you, where are you?
Where are you in you?

There's a sun that shines in
There's a world that stares out at me
And all I refuse to please
There's a sun that shines in
There's a world that stares out at me
And all I refuse
And all I'd ever use in me
There's a sun that shines in me
There's a sun that shines
There's a sun that shines in me

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"Panopticon" as written by William Patrick Corgan

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    Song Meaning(these lyrics are incorrect, Btw. i would correct them, but i lent my copy of the album out to a friend.) Panopticon was my favorite song before the album was released. when i heard them play it live, i got really pumped for the album's release. it kind of connects to the ending of Quasar, too. a Panopticon is a kind of prison, so i think the song is about being trapped, in a way, symbolically. there are alot of terms thrown around the album. one being seasons, like Summer and Winter. i think Summer represents now, and Winter represents the near-future, but kind of a negative outlook on it, being distant and cold. but in a way, kind of desiring it. the Sun, and Light are some more terms thrown around, but that'll come in more later. i think Quasar and Panopticon are kind of the intro to Oceania, and The Celestials is the REAL beginning, and maybe even the climax of the whole album. I LOVE PANOPTICON. the guitar just makes you THINK of the ocean. it's perfect.
    sevinteenon September 20, 2012   Link
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    General CommentA panopticon is a type of prison where the watchman (guards) can view the prisoners without being seen.


    I think that Billy is saying that we are basically all prisoners of ourselves, as well as the watchmen of the prisons we build with our decisions. In even the darkest times, there are lights that shine in and those lights are what we should focus on in order to build our surroundings.

    If I had to pick a few lines to illustrate this, they would be:

    Use the views
    To build don’t prove

    (Panopticons offer many views of all areas of a prison... focus on the constructive ones to improve the prison, rather than proving it has faults)

    as well as

    There’s a sun that shines in
    There’s a world that stares out of me

    (the whole notion that we are kind of our own prison... an entire world is contained within us and it's up to us to view that world as a creator would view a creation)
    osubuckeye4on December 12, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt's "I'm alive," not "of your life."

    What a gorgeous song.
    Crane42on June 12, 2013   Link
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    General Comment(<><><><>)
    sevinteenon February 05, 2013   Link

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