When I met death, we bended like a mile high tree
Climbin' his shoulders, admirin' the scene

A forest set fire, as i wept in fear for things
I knew I was hidin' between the good in you,
and me.

Neurotic I ask him, what route we've gone
Usin' words that can't be heard, you silenced mine

And the water was orange, holy neon tangerine
We'll be there when we get there, either way you're here with me
so let it be, let it be, let it be.

The garden, a blind man, a TI-83??
A title reunion, but you can't remember me
The time is arriving
prepare to meet the king
The son that has one thousand sons,
deciding if one's me.

And then as if my eyes had been replaced with gasoline
Exploding sending thousands upon thousands towards the trees
It's harder now than ever to express how much that means
and I realized I've already been here once and now again.

I am the wind, I am the trees, I'm the saving sand
You speak about me sometimes but I never understand
The garden, the blind man, I hope you know
And all the seams that you've undone you'll have to sew

Oh, now go, now go, now go

Yeah all the seams that you've undone, you indeed will repair
For now you must be fully aware
For now you must become fully aware

Lyrics submitted by bigkes09, edited by JayDollar, Jimbo454

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    General CommentSuch an awesome song,

    Though I don't understand the part where it says TI-83 either. He is either really butchering an important word there or he is talking about a calculator.... which wouldn't make sense haha

    However, in the line where he says "Hiding between the good... you and me" are you sure it isn't "Hiding between the good IN you, and me"? I would figure between would place you in the middle of two things, not three, thinking logically about it.

    Just as well, when he mentions the king, the next line, do you think it might be sons and not suns? such as he's being decided to be one?
    cnnrandersonon June 13, 2012   Link
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    General CommentAndy's comment about the TI-83, from his Twitter feed...

    @BigSmallWords that song is actually about a vision of the future so it is in fact a calculator.

    aic4everon June 14, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti think it's "son that has one thousand sons" not "sun". you know, like jesus.
    chelseadreyeron June 28, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is The Sailors dream of the future (and its quite surreal) while in jail contemplating life and stuff. "Son that has one thousand sons" part is him wondering if Jesus will let him into heaven (Gods children).
    micah10000on December 10, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI agree with samich, I think it's "the Son that has one thousand sons" maybe in reference to Jesus being the son of god and all of his followers being his children (Sons).
    This makes the whole part make more sense : " prepare to meet the king, The son that has one thousand sons, deciding if ones me."
    So I get from that prepare to go and meet Jesus so that he can decide if he's ok to tome to heaven and is still ok to be one of his sons.

    I also got "a Tidal reunion" I could be wrong but it makes more sense, him being away at sea then coming back.

    Also (and again I could be wrong) but:
    "all the seams that you've undone"
    Seems to fit better.

    As for the meaning it's a very easy to understand song so I won't get into that. Just perfect and clever lyrics.
    Pippypoppyon June 14, 2012   Link

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