One, two
One, two three...

Woke up to a blue moon in the sky
A cool china blue
Hear the thunder of life driving by
Guess it's finally on the loose

And I smelled some sweat
On the sycamore trees
As the branches collide
With every thought I think

Now the neighborhood cat is calling
He can't sleep
Says the oxygen in the needle and pin
Has sprung a leak

Well he really took a chance
Crossed his heart hoping to die
He was young and he was happy
At the time, at the time

It seems to be like cinema
Silver turns to its old tricks
Magic loses all its magic
And you know what really is

The young men who used to
Use their knuckles are gone
But the tadpoles keep on multiplying
Down in the swamp

When the pearly gates do open
Dragging their legs out of spite
Inside a woman sits to greet you
'Welcome home to the night'

'It's the last motel
With electric' she says
'Take a seat while the maid comes
And cleans up your mess'

'Honey, it could take an hour,
It could take all year
It could take a century
For your bad name to clear'

Woke up to a blue moon in the sky
A cool china blue
Hear the thunder of life driving by
Guess it's finally on the move

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    General CommentThis song is a great example of an effective use of imagery. Nearly every line uses an image of some sort (trees, heart, swamp, pearly gates, etc.), but it doesn’t feel overdone or cumbersome. Rather, it allows the message of the song to be conveyed more poignantly than a more conventional story might allow.

    The shining blue moon is, of course, the leitmotif — a fixed object, shared by everyone, representing incorruptible purity, whether it’s in the context of a relationship with another person or with nature itself. It’s introduced in the opening verse and revisited in the last, while for most of the rest of the song we’re battered with ambiguous and somewhat adversarial images representing the flow of antagonistic and distracting occurrences that life throws at us, keeping us from the pure.

    The structure of this song is really the medium that allows the lyrics to resonate. The image of the shining moon canvasses the entire song by being so strongly defined initially. The choruses (if you call them that) switch to a third person perspective and bring an evasive protagonist into the mix, living through these adversary events. The neatness of the song structure as well as the pace are clear emphasises of Jamie and Allison’s — only two percussion sequences with no interludes, two chord progressions, and no repetitive chorus.

    I used to listen to this song during my winter up north, getting into my vehicle in the bitter cold first thing in the morning, the shining moon often dominating the sky. It was really a small taste of calm and clarity before meeting the barrage of challenges that lie ahead that day.
    chasing7on October 11, 2012   Link

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