You know I love you baby... suga sista
You know I need you baby... suga sista
You know I love you baby... suga sista
You know I need you baby... suga sista
You know I love you baby... suga sista!!
You know I need you baby...

I just got home from off another world tour
I'm outside in the rain it's beginnin' to pour
Can't understand why you changed the locks on the door
Got all my drawers and socks outside on the lawn

What's right is wrong, we used to make love to this song
Twice as long, especially when the nights were long
Suga even in the dark, or when the lights were on
Sista even in the park, lover my life is gone

I saw the flaws, now we both grabbin' for straws
Over some love letters you found, in the top dresser drawer
I'm missin' you more, the sweet scent of Christian Dior
Kissin' you more, forever promissin' you more
We need to communicate and start listenin' more

Baby from experience, I've been through it before
I found the message in a bottle washed up on the shore
Signed from, 'sincerely yours', I can't take it no more

[Chorus: ]
No I'll never turn my back on you
I never want to do you wrong, Suga Sista
No I'll never turn my back on you
I never want to do you wrong, Suga Sista
Sugahhhhhh Sistahhhh!

Another episode, had the keys to the Yukon
Tried to call her on the celly but she didn't respond
Had my finger on redial now I'm callin' her moms
Kept gettin' the voicemail now I'm losin' my calm

Though she's probably with the next man, wrapped in his arms
Probably caught up in the mix, where she didn't belong
On the topic of trust, misgivings was leading me wrong
On the topic of us, misgivings was treating me wrong

Reading me wrong, now we not getting along
You never miss a good thing baby until it is gone
The thrill is gone, you can hear my heart, spill on this song

Wishin' once upon a time could stand still on this song
If the feelings is strong, then a countermove would be wrong
If the feelings is gone, then you know it's time to move on
If the feelings is torn, then I was right all along
If you think that I'm wrong, then pick my drawers off the lawn

[Chorus: ]

At first I came to a halt, it was your fault
Had me frozen on the avenue just watchin' you walk
Up in your presence I was caught, breath, becomin' short
I had to step to this to let you know you had my support

I said, "I'm Black Thought, from out the 2-1-5th
Maybe you heard about the Dynasty I do run with
Me and The Roots done ripped, from Illadel' across the planet
Ya see, we on some shit some find it hard to understand it

But back, to what you all about or how you are at
What type of science did you knowledge was your mental intact?"
To converse, at first, let me know you knew the day and time
I had to catch you, mentally makin' you mine

While I'm lookin' at you, physical chiseled that of a statue
Type of shit to make you travel from Philly to the Big Apple
It feels kind of crazy, reminiscin' back through
No need to sweat the backturnin', keep it on the true and actual

As I get into your thought, for all infinity
Shower you in masculinity, reinforcin' your sense
Of femininity, bless you with this, the true identity
Nothin' but respect in your vicinity

Since, the Suga Brown from the level of Foun-dation of ground
So together we forever bound
We could make, heavenly sounds like a musical blend
Throughout the bad times and beautiful things, it's like that

[Chorus: ]

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"Suga Sista" as written by Tarik L. Collins Y

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