Call me! (uh!) call me! (listen} call me!
(I said I remember) call me! (hey}
(call me) call me! call me!

(Aw man, ninety five) she had that perfume with the only smell
Hair scrounged up in a pony tail (woo!)
Gold hoop earrings with her name of 'em
I had the coliseum fronts with the fangs on 'em (what!)
Ooh! thinnest waist with the fat ass (damn)
Had me all happy to go to math class
Yeah! I had to go for it baby
Sent the letter over circle yes, no or maybe (remember that!)
Uh! and she looked back with a cool blush
Showin' me the results of a nice toothbrush
Yeah! we rode home on the same school bus
Confident consistent I'm crushin' these new pumas (woo!)
Yeah! and she told me she from the southside
Told her I'm from cooper she looked at me with her mouth wide
Like, I got fam' out there
I gave her the number now you got a fan out there
Man I really hope this girl

Call me! (call me) call me! (call me) call me! (hey, hey, hey)
(I said I remember) call me! (call me) call me!
(call me!) call me!
(just call me, uh, uh)

Yep! so I'm bumpin' my smif n wessun
Knock on my room door ma gimme a second (hold up)
Threw on a t shirt (uh huh) slipped on my ola's (uh huh)
Opened the do' she passed me the phone oh my (my!)
Huh! so I took me a deep breath yo (uh huh)
Fingers crossed I answered the phone hello (hello)
Voice so official, hey joell what you gettin' into?
I said I'm gettin' dressed to come get you
She laughed, I said it's Saturday a nice flick
She agreed, meet me at the commodore at like six
Threw on my jerreau's, dusted off the bows
Zipped the Haley Hanson out the do' good to go
She standin' there stretch pants fifty fo' elevens
Yellin' hurry up they want me in the crib before eleven
Did the movie thing a little bite to eat (what else?)
The whole night was sweet (what else?) ended it with a kiss
Somethin' light on the cheek and said

Call me! (uh! uh!) call me!
(this is a throwback right here) call me! (joell ortiz)
(I said I remember) call me!
(when she used to call me) call me!
(call me!) call me!
(you know what I'm talkin' about? hey!)

So it's a little more in the dates now (uh huh)
Yep! she be in the crib all late now (ow!)
Ha! we be kickin' it then we lay down
Turn the lights off and press play on the h-town
Ooh! we being fresh like easter
I made her vibrate like my beeper
Uh huh! my mother said she a keeper
I could see myself tryin' mrs. ortiz her
Then I bumped into lisa, tellin' me how she missed me (uh oh)
We up in this party I'm feelin' a little tipsy (damn)
She tried and kiss me, all in my face
One thing led to another we all in the staircase (hey)
She told tasha, who told christy (no)
My phone ring the next day how could you dissed me?
You said you loved me and were always be together
Do me a favor joell? ! (what!)
Don't you ever ever ever ever ever!

Call me! (call me!) call me!
(call me yeah!) call me! (uh! uh! uh!)
(I said I remember when) call me!
(you used to call me) call me!
(call me yeah!) call me!
(I said I remember) call me!
(and that's how I lost my shorty} (she used to call me) call me!
(a party and some vodka} (call me!)
Call me! (yo that was ninety five man I'm still trippin' over that}
(used to call me) call me! (call me!)
(damn she looked good!) call me! (call me!)
Call me!
(sometimes I think I hear her call me? ha ha ha! but it's all good!)

I said I remember!
You used to call me! (ha ha!)
Call me yeah! (yeah!)
Uh! uh! uh!
Then I remember when, you used to call me, call me!
Yeah yeah yeah! uh! uh! ha ha! this is a throwback
Uh! this is a throwback uh! uh! this is a throwback, throwback
Uh! uh! uh! call me!

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