RIP my nigga Killa Aye (CameronWilson)
Aye Clacc (Arista)
All the real niggas stand up, Aye
When it's real you can see it - RIP Crazy Horse
Aye, Aye Yeah
I swear you niggas too soft
How niggas saying you boss
My homeboy got the side of his face blew off
My nigga daughter got hit by a U-Haul
A close friends daughter was just raped
Now she pregnant and she just seventeen
Reggie had a fire, lost everything
O lost his sister, his grandmama died - Gone
Cameron fell, a victim of a homicide - Gone
Steven is gone, Arista dead - They gone
I'm jamming Nina Simone shaking my head - This shit is wrong
And Quentin still in them stripes
And word on the streets is my nigga serving a LIFE
K Ro flipped last year, murdered his wife
Same old shit past here, further you stride
All you see is more issues to deal
This shit is real
My brother took a lost he could feel
He trying to heal
These streets make a young nigga kneel
Folks squealed
Now my nigga trying to get his appeal
Bond a mil - Bond a mil nigga
I was sitting in that Bonneville
Crippin so hard that I would kill
Fuck Capitol Hill
Just a bunch of racist and trynabes
Enacting laws and making policies
That we ain't even gotta see
So America is not as free
As most of us would like to think
But back to the ghettos
Where you only come if you got juevos - If you got nuts
You pussy niggas never cross the railroad
You standing at the threshold
Steal you in your shit like a clepto
Remember when I used to catch the Metro
Now we smoking petro pretty girl to sex on
My chain gone have less stones
But it's gone be flawless, you got all this VVS on
Say it with your chest though
I hear you talking reckless
Think that record was your best song
I don't play on wax
Tell me where you at
And that's the last time you'll every hear me speak on that
Large fucking homes, cars, money, clothes
Trying to live life like I'm Sean "Puffy" Combs
Trying to get paid off this hard stuff I quote
Some improv, some I wrote
Fiends fingers charred from the dope
I want the Summer and Winter
I ain't making room for none of y'all niggas
Bow when I come around
Thirty rounds
In the gun and I'll
Burn it down
Trying to flush one of y'all niggas

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Dark Street Lyrics as written by Thomas Jenkins

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