Yeah yeah
Ali huh
Everyday I wake up, contemplate if I am good enough
Lookin in the mirror gets harder when you losin luck
My family gettin' nervous, cause' they dont trust the process
Thats why I keep to myself, and yall jus sit an gossip
I spent a hundred bands, an didnt feel shit
Everybody lookin at me like a meal ticket
Friends watchin me with envy they dont think I see it
I could have my eyes closed and I would still feel it
Everybody know my story but whos checkin on me
I was contemplating suicide didnt get a text from no one
Fans comin up to me an you would have a stale face
Bonds bein' broken easy how these bitches nails break
My circle gettin smaller, an I can feel the changes
When I was goin viral I was everybodies favorite
Half these mothafuckas' only here because you think Im famous
Not cause' you care about me, not cause' you see my greatness
Not cause' you want to see me win you think im out here playin
I was broke as fuck stressin' cause' Im missing payments
I said fuck it bought a gun I started livin' dangerous
I cut all my emotions off now Im livin' painless
Yeah yeah
Who you gonna fall back on when life get hard for you
How many people in ya' circle do it all for you
If they believe in you then they would take the fall for you
They see you working on yo' shot an took the ball from you
I made a promise to myself and Ima keep it
Everything that I believe in truly Ima speak it
I dont give a fuck about opinions you can keep it
If I ever turn my back I promise Ima have a reason
I blew 10 bands on my neck an didnt think twice
Paid my mommas rent for 6 months and she just burned pipes
Turned my passion into a job, while I learned life
Never had a free meal granted had to earn bites
I never thought I had the heart to ever kill a man
But wen I loaded up that clip I had a different plan
I taught my people how to swim an they tried to sink me
I see all this opportunity, but you never link me
I let my heart turn cold on this lonely road
Circle gettin' smaller everytime Im closer to them goals
Thats just how it goes
The story never changes
Stayin' safe will get you killed, thats why we stayin' dangerous
One song away
One song away

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